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Taylor Swift just mysteriously wiped her entire Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook clean

March 23 2018, 01:33 | Irvin Gilbert

Swift supporters

Swift supporters

The 1989 singer stepped away from her normal biannual album release cycle in 2016, and has been keeping a relatively low profile for more than half a year. #TS6ISCOMING", one fan tweeted alongside a GIF of The Office's Steve Carell shouting, "Oh, my God! "Taylor Swift is suddenly gone. what is happening?" There isn't a single photo on her page.

Taylor Swift's social media accounts and websites were wiped clean on Friday morning, leaving fans in a frenzy and wondering whether the 27-year-old star had been hacked, or is on the verge of dropping a new album. Swift also appears to have a Good Morning America appearance scheduled for August 31.

Let's face it: Aside from a lawsuit and some Katy Perry-related gossip, there weren't too many headlines about Taylor Swift in 2017.

A discovery within the HTML on the site revealed that the code "ivegotablankspace" was being used to make the background black. He sued Swift after he was sacked from his job alleging that she, along with her mother and radio liaison Frank Bell, were trying to destroy his career.

Given the fact that her official website is completely blacked out, I think it's very safe to assume that Swift is about to announce a new album, and this is the beginning of her comeback. "I can only do me".

Swift could be ready to drop a musical bomb on the world - or she could be trying to clear her head.

She recently won vindication after a jury decided that a radio host David Mueller groped her during a red carpet photo in 2013.

He will be required to pay $1 in damages to Swift.

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