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S. Korea drills held as scheduled

March 23 2018, 01:33 | Irvin Gilbert

S. Korea drills held as scheduled

S. Korea drills held as scheduled

Tensions rose after the North last month tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles that appeared to bring much of the USA within range, with President Donald Trump warning that Washington could rain "fire and fury" on Pyongyang.

Such propaganda videos are not uncommon for North Korea.

According to translations cited by the Washington Post, the video shows missiles launching and warns the U.S. it won't know whether their rockets will harass them.

In the case of North Korea, unhinged threats from President Trump actually make everyone in the world a lot less safe because the secluded country doesn't have the capability to strike back if the U.S. strikes first. The Trump administration is still hoping China will pressure Pyongyang.

Other senior U.S. government figures appear in the video, including vice president Mike Pence and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

Chief of Army Angus Campbell last week denied there would be any risk to the Australian military personnel participating in the annual Ulchi-Freedom Guardian war games which will run until August 31.

"As long as the USA hostile policy and nuclear threat remains unchallenged, the DPRK will never place its self-defensive nuclear deterrence on the negotiating table or step back an inch from the path it took to bolster the national nuclear force", Ju said.

DPRK media outlet Korean Central News Agency warned in a brief statement that the exercises would "further drive the situation on the Korean Peninsula into a catastrophe".

"We don't think the joint exercise will be conducive to easing the current tensions".

We examine this year's drills and how the North might respond to them. "And we urge relevant parties to (seriously consider) the suspension-for-suspension proposal", Mr Hua said. -South Korean military drills that it claims are an invasion rehearsal, senior US military commanders on Tuesday dismissed calls to pause or downsize exercises they called crucial to countering a clear threat from Pyongyang.

The video isn't the latest provocation to come from the DPRK, the acronym used by the secretive state. North Korea, for its part, threatened to launch missiles toward the American territory of Guam before its leader Kim Jong Un backed off saying he would first watch how Washington acts before going ahead with the missile launch plans.

"No one can vouch that these huge forces concentrated in South Korea will not go over to an actual war action now that the military tensions have reached an extreme pitch in the Korean peninsula", they wrote in a statement quoted by the Associated Press.

President Donald Trump has sought to pressure China - North Korea's top trading partner - to use greater leverage on its neighbor and ally, though Kim's regime often makes decisions contrary to Beijing's wishes.

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