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Matthew Stafford Will Be Highest-Paid Player In NFL History

June 23 2018, 11:13 | Van Peters

Eddie Lacy'in great shape in return to Green Bay will have fourth weigh-in Wednesday

Eddie Lacy'in great shape in return to Green Bay will have fourth weigh-in Wednesday

Raiders' quarterback Derek Carr makes approximately $25 million a season.

That amount reportedly includes an NFL-high $92m guaranteed and a record $50m signing bonus.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the deal is worth $135 million.

That's because they made a decision to break out the checkbook to retain star quarterback Matthew Stafford in a contract extension that runs through 2022.

Sure, the deal is huge, but Stafford has already done very well. But the truth is the Lions are closer to the promised land with Stafford as their quarterback than without, and that's why this deal had to get done. Stafford also holds the National Football League record for the most comeback wins in a season, recording eight in the 2016 National Football League season.

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Watch as Stafford's wife, Kelly, breaks the news to their twin baby girls that they will be staying in Detroit for six more years.

Stafford's wife Kelly should be quite pleased to hear this. Kudos to the people involved on both sides, for making a deal that at the end of the day, everyone, including Lions fans should be very happy with.

By the time Stafford's new contract is up in 2022, he will be 34 years old.

The first overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft set a single-season NFL record for fourth quarter comebacks in 2016, recording eight game-winning drives in the fourth quarter or overtime. Playing out two years on the franchise tag would have netted Stafford around $60 million for 2018 and 2019. Last season he threw for 4,327 yards including 24 touchdowns. He has been sacked 242 times, has thrown for 1,515 first downs, and owns a career passer rating of 86.8.

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