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Majority says current Congress a failure so far

July 23 2018, 05:37 | Irvin Gilbert

Majority says current Congress a failure so far

Majority says current Congress a failure so far

However, 56 percent of Americans say Republicans need to work with their Democratic colleagues to alter necessary changes to the current health care law.

Only 16 percent of Republicans approve of the job Congress is doing, according to the latest Gallup poll.

Democrats (12%) are almost as likely as Republicans to approve of the job Congress is doing. Fifty-six percent said they would support it if both Trump and Republicans in Congress supported a postponement.

Democrats' approval of Congress stands at 12 percent in the August poll, unchanged from July.

Reaching the 200-day mark of his presidency, Donald Trump is getting resistance not just from the Democrats and their enablers in the liberal media, but from members of his own party who refuse to give the president a major legislative victory. About 68 percent label the Republican dominated Congress a total failure following its inability to repeal and replace Obamacare.

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Independents, who hold sway in Young's politically diverse districts, want a bipartisan approach on health care.

Among Republicans only, a slim majority (51%) cast the blame on Democrats for the lack of new legislation vs. a third (32%) who say disagreement from Republicans is to blame. Their defections completely stalled the health care reform process in Congress, even as insurance companies continue to exit the individual insurance markets in counties and states around the country. Most of those who say it is a good thing say they do not want the law repealed at all (34% of the public overall), while fewer (23% of the public overall) say it is because they had concerns with the specific bill being debated. But when the question was posed as to whether they support "Obamacare" - the colloquial term for the Affordable Care Act - support for the law is higher. Less than 5% name each of several other issues, like the environment, civil rights, government spending, education and other issues.

Young's newly expressed less-partisan view is music to Republican Christi Taylor, 46, a physician from Waukee in Des Moines' burgeoning western suburbs, heavy with moderate Republicans and independents.

Democrats lead a generic Congressional ballot among all Americans by 11 points, 51% to 40%.

Results for the poll were based on telephone interviews of 1,017 adults living in all 50 USA states and the District of Columbia. The margin of sampling error for results among the full sample is plus or minus 3.6 percentage points, it is larger for subgroups.

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