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Knife-wielding man shot dead in Brussels 'terror attack'

March 24 2018, 08:03 | Irvin Gilbert

Knife-wielding man shot dead in Brussels 'terror attack'

This screengrab shows police officials and a soldier looking at a man on the pavement in the city centre of Brussels where a man is alleged to have attacked soldiers with a knife and was shot. AFP

A man has been shot and is in a critical condition after reportedly attacking soldiers in Brussels with a machete.

Belgium's anti-terror crisis centre said soldiers had "neutralised" the man.

In addition to regular police, Brussels streets are being patrolled by soldiers due to a heightened security threat level in the wake of militant attacks in Paris and the Belgian capital in 2015 and 2016.

Police said the suspect had been "neutralised" after witnesses reported he had attacked two soldiers.

Prosecutors told the network that the assailant was still alive, despite earlier reports he had been killed.

The attacker was armed with a knife, the federal prosecutor's office said.

"We do consider it a terror attack", Natus said.

Federal Police spokesman Jonathan Pfunde also confirmed some details of the incident and said the attacker had been "neutralized".

Prime Minister Charles Michel tweeted that "all our support is with our soldiers. We are following the situation closely".

Pictures from the scene on Friday show the area cordoned off with police and emergency services in the street.

According to RTBF, the attacker was a Somalian man, who shouted "Allahu Akbar" during his assault.

"I live right in front of the station".

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