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Hurricane Harvey Disrupting Cruise Vacations Out of Texas Ports

March 24 2018, 07:59 | Perry Erickson

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High winds and pouring rains from Harvey, now a tropical storm, have devastated cities along the southern coast of Texas, destroying homes and businesses, downing trees and signs and knocking out power across the area.

Four cruise ships that were set to dock in Galveston over the weekend are holding off until Hurricane Harvey passes, leaving almost 17,000 people stuck either on the ships or in another city they never planned on ending their trip in while they wait out the storm.

Hurricane Harvey has many vacationers anxious about how the storm will impact their plans, especially people planning to take cruises out of Galveston.

According to ABC13.com, the Galveston port authority announced the four cruise ships involved include three Carnival Cruise Line vessels and a Royal Caribbean International vessel, none of which will be permitted to enter port until Tuesday at the earliest.

The ships packing almost 12,000 guests and roughly 3,700 crew members combined may be delaying returns to the Port of Galveston, a Gulf Coast stop near Houston.

The Port of Galveston is closed, and will remain closed until the Category 4 hurricane passes and a post-storm assessment is completed, KENS reported.

On Saturday morning, the Port of Brownsville reopened.

Both ships would make stops in New Orleans to refuel and resupply and guests would be allow to leave, but would be encouraged to stay aboard and return to Galveston, officials said.

Carnival Breeze was supposed to return to Galveston on Sunday. Liberty of the Seas is now still on her original schedule of arriving in Galveston on Sunday.

Port officials will know more about cruise ships after a conference call with the cruise companies at 11 a.m. today, Simons said. About 150 people died, putting it in the top 25 most fatal hurricanes. She lives in Fort Worth and began driving to Galveston on Friday, but turned around when she heard about the coming storm.

"Right now we are being asked to stay onboard for an undetermined amount of time", said Bravo. "Guests who sail on modified voyages will receive a prorated refund equal to the number of cruise days missed".

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