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Dolphins close to Cutler deal?

August 23 2017, 11:02 | Van Peters

Matt Moore best option to replace Ryan Tannehill as Dolphins&apos No. 1 QBMatt Moore best option to replace Ryan Tannehill as Dolphins No. 1 QB

Matt Moore best option to replace Ryan Tannehill as Dolphins' No. 1 QB

Nearly immediately after Tannehill reinjured his knee, Dolphins head coach Adam Gase began coaxing Cutler out of retirement. That year (2015), Cutler posted a career low for interceptions (11) in 483 pass attempts while also setting record highs for adjusted yards per attempt (7.4) and quarterback rating (92.3). However, for now, he is still leaning toward remaining retired. The network has been operating all offseason on the assumption Cutler is aboard, shaping their broadcaster lineup accordingly.

The Miami Dolphins are signing the veteran quarterback to a one-year contract worth $10 million including incentives, NFL Media's Ian Rapoport reported Sunday.

Cutler posted the best passer rating (92.3) of his National Football League career in his single season under Gase in 2015, and the Dolphins head coach was quick to support Cutler when he announced his retirement in May.

Cutler was originally supposed to broadcast games for Fox this season, including a preseason Bears game against the Titans. I don't think he looked at our situation.

As of right now, Miami's best bet at replacing Tannehill is backup Matt Moore, though it seems the club's plans may change once it's clear exactly how long Tannehill will be sidelined.

Last year's injury was a first for Tannehill, who had started all 77 games for the Dolphins since being selected eighth overall in the 2012 NFL Draft.

It's a reasonable deal for a mercurial, injury-prone quarterback who has the talent to potentially lead the Dolphins to a playoff bid in 2017.

Gase confirmed he had one conversation with the quarterback-turned-broadcaster about Cutler coming out of a brief retirement.

The brace that was meant to help stabilize Tannehill's knee did not prevent this injury. But Darlington indicated that Gase is pretty convincing if need be and could sway Cutler to South Florida at the end of the day. The strengths of Landry and Cutler is one of the bigger question marks regarding the personnel fit for Cutler. However, ESPN has already updated their Jay Cutler player page to reflect that he is a member of the Dolphins.

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