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Chinese, Indian Troops Throw Rocks in Border Clash

March 24 2018, 07:57 | Irvin Gilbert

Chinese, Indian Troops Throw Rocks in Border Clash

Chinese, Indian Troops Throw Rocks in Border Clash

A minor skirmish was reported between Indian and Chinese troops at Ladakh along the Line of Actual Control - the de-facto border.

"The MoD sources said, "Please refer to certain queries regarding confrontation with PLA (People's army/6745" target=_blank Liberation Army) troops in Arunachal Pradesh".

The Chinese soldiers hurled stones while attempting to enter Ladakh region near Pangong Lake on Tuesday but were confronted by Indian soldiers, said a top police officer.

In fact, the Chinese troops earlier used to frequent the northern and southern banks of the lake, whose 90 km stretch lies on the Chinese side and 45 km on the Indian side.

Indian troops involved in the incident said the Chinese patrol teams, consisting of around 15 personnel, started throwing stones first.

The army was apparently countering reports of a fresh clash breaking out with Chinese troops in the Doklam Plateau, where a almost two-month-long stand-off over a trilateral border terroritorial ownership is still on.

Both nations have been facing a continuous stand-off at the India-Bhutan-China tri-junction in Doklam.

Both countries' troops have already been embroiled in a seven-week-long standoff on the Doklam plateau in another part of the remote Himalayan region near their disputed frontier.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said she did not know the details of the most recent incident. "We urge the Indian side to abide by the LAC and relevant conventions", she added. However India also did not participate in the similar ceremony on the Chinese side on August 1, the founding day of the PLA.

The two sides have frequently accused each other of intrusions into each other's territories, but clashes are rare.

China has repeatedly asked India to unilaterally withdraw from the Doklam area, or face the prospect of an escalation.

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