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Canadian woman, 84, finds long-lost diamond ring wrapped around carrot

September 21 2017, 02:16 | Irvin Gilbert

By Vanessa Lawrence

Widow’s Wedding Ring Turns Up On Carrot After 13 Yrs & WTF Mother Nature

This is Collen Daley, the daughter-in-law of Mary Grams, who discovered the ring lost in 2004 by popping it out of the home garden of a carrot surrounded by the ring.

When she lost her engagement ring back in 2004, she thought that it would be the end of it and bought another, smaller ring.

"I didn't tell my husband because I thought for sure he'd give me heck or something", she said.

Thirteen years later, her daughter-in-law just found it growing around a carrot pulled from the ground, as first reported by the CBC.

It turned up this week on her family farm, fit snugly around a recently-uprooted carrot. Daley said looking at the engagement ring that it fit perfectly around the carrot, nearly like it was on a finger.

He was a joker, she said, and probably would have found this whole situation pretty amusing.

By the time the ring was found, Mary no longer lived at the family farm.

How sweet is this? When her granddaughter visited with the ring (still in good condition, and still attached to the carrot), she recognised it immediately.

It appears the carrot grew through and around the ring after Mary - who never fessed up to Norman that she'd lost it, instead buying a modest replacement - dropped it in the soil, keeping it safe all these years. Once the carrot had been cut away from the ring, though, Mary was in no doubt that it was hers.

Lena Paahlsson told a local newspaper about the event that led to her lost ring, and the way she and her husband, Ola, believe they got it back. She enlisted son Brian to help her try and find it.

"I've never seen anything like that", she told CBC.

Now she's looking forward to wearing the original.

Sadly, her husband passed away five years ago, but now she has another memento of his to hold onto.

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