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Trump keeps up Twitter pressure on health care

August 23 2017, 10:57 | Irvin Gilbert

Dr. Michael Nichols weighs in on Sen. McCain's type of cancer

Dr. Michael Nichols weighs in on Sen. McCain's type of cancer

Regarding "Ailing McCain warns colleagues of return, blasts Trump for ending aid to Syrian rebels" (Page A8, Friday), as U.S. Sen. He had cast his vote to take up the health care bill, delivering for his party and Trump on the issue that's defined the GOP for the past seven years.

In a message on social media on Wednesday, McCain said: "I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support-unfortunately for my sparring partners in Congress, I'll be back soon, so stand-by!" "Thank you all for your best wishes!", his daughter Meghan McCain tweeted on Saturday. Republican leaders openly discussed the possibility of McCain's return with reporters on Monday during an evening vote. He'll push a bad bill through on a 50-50 vote, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie, before he'll invite Democrats to the table or even listen to Republican governors like Ohio's John Kasich.

Republicans hold 52 of the Senate's 100 seats.

But no one, including the senators expected to vote on Tuesday, is sure what McConnell is planning.

Senators will first vote Tuesday to proceed to the American Health Care Act (AHCA), the health care legislation that narrowly passed the House in early May.

Sen. John McCain's office says he will return to the Senate on Tuesday, day of health care vote.

In a statement published on the senator's website on July 19, the 80 year-old senator indicated that following a procedure to remove a blood clot from near his left eye, tissue tests have revealed a glioblastoma diagnosis. There's the House bill, the clean repeal bill that stands no chance of passing, and two different versions of McConnell's BCRA.

And it's not even clear the GOP has the votes to pass that.

"It is just extraordinary how upbeat he is and how accepting of his diagnosis - it was truly inspirational to talk with him", she said.

Ward, a physician and former state senator who is now running against Republican Sen. Republicans can lose only two votes and have Vice President Pence vote to break the tie and start debate.

Michael Berens, deputy director of the Translational Genomics Research Institute who has studied glioblastoma for 30 years, said patients who get the cancer and undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy live on average 16 to 18 months.

Trump would change his tune in a hurry if McCain voted no.

"What are we proceeding to?" Sen. "Until the vote is actually on the floor of the Senate, some people may not tell you what they're actually going to do".

"It's awfully hard when people climb the tree and get out on a limb and say, 'I'm going to vote no,"' the Kansas senator said.

McConnell's measure would uproot much of Obama's law, eliminating its tax penalties on people not buying policies, cutting the Medicaid health care program for the poor and providing less generous health care subsidies for consumers.

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