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Lady slams Usher with $10m lawsuit for "exposing" her to Herpes

August 23 2017, 11:01 | Perry Erickson

Randy Shropshire Getty Images

Randy Shropshire  Getty Images

Between R. Kelly's alleged harem and Usher's 2004 hit "Let It Burn" taking on a whole new meaning, the foolery isn't over just yet.

According to the complaint filed by this secret side chick, who goes by "Jane Doe" in her legal docs, she and Usher had a romantic rendezvous on April 16 at her Atlanta home. While the suit is said to state that Usher did in fact wear a condom the first time, they engaged in unprotected sex the second time around at a hotel in New Orleans.

Attorney Lisa Bloom, who recently won a revenge porn case fo Blac Chyna against ex Rob Kardashian, claimed on Twitter that women are reaching out to her about Usher.

The settlement was reported only a couple of days ago by Radar Online, which claimed that Usher was officially diagnosed with the disease, so the singer knew that he was suffering from it.

While the woman hasn't been diagnosed with an STD, she's suing after apparent legal documents revealed that Usher paid another sex partner $1.1 million for giving her herpes. Well now after the story broke, another woman is coming out of the wood works & trying to collect some money now too, saying she too contracted the virus from Usher earlier this year.

As reported, Usher was reportedly exposed to herpes in 2009 or 2010.

Do you think that Usher will contest the new lawsuit or settle out of court?

Now, Jane Doe is suing Usher for negligence, battery, and emotional distress for allegedly exposing her to the STD without disclosing that he has the virus. "Jane Doe" also expressed that while she's not infected, she is concerned because she was "exposed".

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