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Homes evacuated after depression forms in Land O'Lakes neighborhood

January 17 2018, 11:57 | Irvin Gilbert

Depression forces Lake O' Lakes neighborhood to evacuate

Homes evacuated after depression forms in Land O'Lakes neighborhood

After the home collapsed, the only thing that was visible was it's roof and a side wall.

Personnel with the Pasco County Fire and Rescue, Duke Energy, Pasco County Emergency Management and the county building inspector are on the scene.

The sinkhole started out as the size of a small swimming pool but keeps growing. Two homes have been destroyed due to the sinkhole.

In states where sinkholes are common, tests and surveys are available that can determine if one is likely to develop on a home site.

Luckily, the residents had already left to go to work but firefighters did manage to rescued two dogs from inside the home. "This is something we've never seen before", he said.

The 200 feet wide sinkhole is also very deep. As of 10:03 a.m. officials considered the sinkhole still active.

Power has been shut off to about 100 homes as a precaution. Officials are monitoring the progression of the sinkhole and keeping residents out of the area.

Initially, authorities called the hole a "depression" but have since categorized it as a sinkhole - an important distinction for insurance purposes. The home last sold in 2015, according to records.

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