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Google Home can now stream music uploaded to Google Play Music

January 17 2018, 11:42 | Guillermo Bowen

Krales The Verge

Krales  The Verge

Whether you're relaxing at the beach or taking a road trip, Google Play Music delivers personalized music based on where you are and why you are listening. Until now that is. You can add it to your library right from the station listing, for easier access. On that note, it does appear that New Release Radio is available from the Google Play Music web player, but it doesn't look like the feature is available in the Play Music app just yet.

With this update, many Google Home users would be at peace as they can now play songs from their personal playlist on Play Music. If you asked it to play you a sad song, let's say, it would still pull from on-demand playlists or put on a free radio mix, and would not dig into your purchases or uploads. All your feedback and suggestions have been heard and we are happy to announce that you can now listen to music you've uploaded to and purchased on Google Play Music.

Essentially, this new radio station within the service uses machine learning to serve users new music they might be interested in, as a way to promote discovery. The feature is now rolling out across regions around the globe and should soon be live in the countries, where Google Home is supported.

But if you ask Google Play Music to play a genre or music from a particular mood or activity, it will still prioritize the online catalog of course. "On top of the subscription or free radio service, you can listen to music you've uploaded to and purchased on Google Play Music". Oh, and soon, France!

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