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Facebook is slashing the price of its VR headset again

January 21 2018, 12:18 | Guillermo Bowen

Oculus Rift – cheaper than it’s ever been

Oculus Rift VR headset is now £200 cheaper

Interested parties should be aware that the "Summer of Rift" sale might translate into a certain must-buy scenario for the Oculus Rift and Touch.

While it has only been a few months since Oculus dropped the price of the same bundle down to United States $598, Oculus has decided to make another, limited time, price drop. The latest price drop means it is now retailing at the same price as the PlayStation VR headset. The deal brings the Rift and Touch Controllers to price parity with the PlayStation VR, and undercuts significantly the HTC Vive.

Aside from quality content, getting the cost down is key to the long term success of virtual reality and Oculus is well aware of that, but the recent price drops suggest that sales have been sluggish.

After permanently dropping from a bundle price of $798 to $598 back in March, the Oculus Rift + Touch combo goes for an even crazier $399 total for the next six weeks.

Speculation comes in with two possibilities: either Oculus isn't selling units fast enough to drive those game sales, and is sitting on excessive stock; or there is the potential for an imminent Rift 2.0 launch in the coming months. The new price tag of $399 will give players not only the Rift VR headset but will also include the Oculus Touch controllers in the same package.

Before this year the Oculus cut its price. That's not an ideal situation to get Oculus on the right footing. That's in contrast to the SteamVR-powered HTC Vive, which is still sold for a profit at its post-Brexit price of £760. "Whether you want to enjoy some sci-fi hijinks with Rick and Morty or blast your way through waves of rogue robots in Robo Recall, we've got an experience with your name on it".

By offering its VR hardware at a discounted price, the company is hoping that more people will buy and adopt the technology which features high-quality immersive gaming and entertainment media. Oculus' then-CEO Brendan Iribe told Ars in 2014 that he expected the second consumer version of the Rift to come a year or two after the first.

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