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Drake Bell mourns loss of ex-girlfriend Stevie Ryan

January 22 2018, 08:31 | Perry Erickson

"Stevie Ryan's cause of death is hanging from a ligature around her neck", a spokesperson from the Los Angeles Coroner's Office exclusively told Radar.

When the show was cancelled after its second season, Ryan became the co-host of Brody Jennner's talk show, "Sex with Brody". Network and hosted a podcast called "Mentally Ch (ill)", with her final episode taking place last week.

The same podcast also touched on how the loss of a loved one could affect depression.

In an interview with Culture Brats, she spoke of how she was shocked by the level of hate she encountered when she posted her videos.

In the most recent podcast, released June 28, Ryan discussed dealing with her grandfather's death, depression, and suicide, telling co-host Kristen Carney, "I'm just anxious that this is going to send me into a deeper depression". "I love you my Pa", she tweeted.

Ryan started out on YouTube, doing impersonations of celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber. I'll meet you in Percebo, soon. 'And it just kept going and then I did this Paris Hilton thing and then it literally was just growing and growing.

"I just want to lay in bed with him and cuddle forever", the star added.

Ryan's viral success prompted VH1 to give her a TV series called "Stevie TV", which premiered in 2013 and once again focused on her parodying A-listers while incorporating absurdist original characters as well.

"I'm just anxious that this is going to send me into a deeper depression", she explained. Back in 2014, Stevie said that Jenelle's custody battle with her mother Barbara Evans over her seven-year-old Jace is Jenelle's own fault because she didn't raise her own child.

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