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Donald Trump has lowest approval ratings of any United States president in history

July 20 2018, 08:27 | Rex Rios

If the media believed Russian hacking was a crime against our democracy why did they publish the fruits of that crime

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He brushed off an ABC/Washington Post poll over the weekend showing his approval rating down at 36 percent.

The survey of adults in 439 "Trump counties" in 16 states showed half of the adults - Republicans, Democrats and independents - approve of the president's job performance, the NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey says.

A 55 percent majority say Trump is not making significant progress toward his goals.

The Washington Post/ABC News poll also found half of Americans think the U.S. has weakened under Mr Trump's leadership, and only a quarter say he's made the world superpower stronger.

Sixty-three per cent of Americans felt a meeting between the President's son Donald Trump Jr and a Russian lawyer who claimed to have damaging information about Hillary Clinton was "inappropriate".

That represents a drop of six points from Trump's job approval rating at the 100-day mark of his presidency.

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Results of the poll, carried out by the US Broadcaster ABC News and newspaper Washington Post, come amid a wider perceptions of a decline in US global influence, a much-delayed Republican agenda, and unfolding stories about alleged Russia's links to the 2016 Trump campaign.

President Donald Trump waves as he arrives at the Elysee Palace in.

A fresh Washington Post-ABC News poll underscores the softness of Trump's support as he prepares to mark six months in the White House on Thursday. The topline number is down from 42 percent approval in April, the last time the poll was conducted.

Only 37 per cent of those surveyed said the Democratic Party "stands for something", while 52 per cent said it simply "stands against Trump". Donald Trump also got himself disapproved by 58% people where he competes with the former President Bill Clinton, who was disapproved by 51%. In a seeming effort to cover all possible bases, he suggested that the poll might be inaccurate, inflated his reported approval rating, and proposed that being hated by 60% of his constituents was perhaps not that bad. The poll shows that 50 percent prefer Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Care Act, compared to just 24 percent who prefer the GOP plan. Trump is now in the middle of the Republican base average, so if he drops, it will signal to Congressional Republicans that his president has lost his grip on his party's base, and they are free to break with him. At that time, 71% of Americans said they agreed with Bush on issues.

The poll was conducted by landline and cell phone from July 10 to 13 in both English and Spanish among a random sample of 1,001 adults with a margin of error of 3.5 points.

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