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Apple ordered to pay $506 million to university for processor patent infringement

February 21 2018, 05:40 | Guillermo Bowen

Judge orders Apple to pay University of Wisconsin $507M for infringing on chip efficiency patent

Apple Ordered to Pay $506 Million to University in Patent Dispute

A Madison-based judge said that Apple owes the University additional damages because the Cupertino-based tech company continued to infringe on the patent until it expired in December 2016. Judge Conley ordered Apple to pay almost twice the penalty because the judge says that Apple owed more damages for continuing to infringe on the patent until it expired at the end of 2016.

A US JUDGE has ordered Apple to pay $506m (around £388m) for patent infringement to the University of Wisconsin's Alumni Research Foundation (WARF). While Apple is pretty loaded in terms of cash, $506 million is definitely no small figure to be sneezed at. A federal appeals court in October directed Samsung to pay Apple a $120 million award originally granted through a jury's judgement. Whether or not they will be successful remains to be seen, or whether or not they might end up settling with the university for a different amount.

Apple hasn't commented on WARF's win.

Apple denied infringement during the trial. This, in turn, led to an overall improvement in chip efficiency; something that the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation claims has been incorporated in Apple's A7, A8, and A8X chipsets.

The patent that has led to this hefty fine revolves around a "predictor circuit" that helps improve processor performance. Conley said he would only announce a ruling in that case after Apple has had an opportunity to appeal the 2015 jury verdict. A professor and three of his students filed and acquired a patent for the technology in 1998, which is programmed to predict a user's next technical directions, Reuters reports.

This isn't the only patent case Apple is facing from WARF.

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