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Alexa is Coming to the Amazon Android App (This Week)

August 23 2017, 11:13 | Alonzo Simpson

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It does seem odd for the Alexa feature to be integrated with the Amazon shopping application given that Amazon has a standalone Alexa app already.

Amazon's Alexa digital assistant has largely been limited to the company's own hardware. At that point in time, it only said that Android users would also get Alexa inside the Amazon app in the future. By integrating Alexa, which is capable of doing everything the virtual assistant can do on an Echo speaker, into the shopping app, Amazon is letting millions discover the advantages of the assistant and possibly convince them to purchase an Echo or two for their homes. This particular tool may be the main motivation for Amazon's acquisition, sources speculate, with such a platform potentially being able to facilitate Alexa's process of learning new information by allowing it to sift through massive amounts of data more efficiently. But this development - where you can ask Alexa about news, weather, and other things - was available for iPhone users only.

Alexa's presence in the Amazon Android app was first spotted by Twitter user Nick Schwab, and shortly after this sighting, Amazon confirmed to TechCrunch that Alexa will be rolling out to all Android users throughout the remainder of the week. The voice assistant is now discoverable on the Amazon app but has not been enabled yet. Who wants to try playing Deal or No Deal from their Amazon app?

It's not a full-blown Alexa integration per se, but more of a tech demo to an extent.

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