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97% attacks by cow vigilantes happened in PM Modi's regime

January 21 2018, 12:06 | Van Peters

Killing people over cows 'not acceptable', says India's Modi

Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi right joins other to protest against a spate of violent attacks across the country targeting the country's Muslim minority in Mumbai India

Last Friday, around 20 men assaulted four Muslims inside a train, in the outskirts of the Capital of India, Delhi, by lethally cutting a youngster and truly harming two others. It has its roots in the horrendous animosity between Hindus and Muslims that led to one of the world's largest exoduses, the partition of 1947 that divided India and Pakistan. However, this prolonged spell of silence broke on Wednesday when liberal intellectuals, anxious teachers, and members of practically every ethnic group and religious community gathered in thousands in different cities including New Delhi to protest against a state-watched culture of catching Muslims and Dalits and lynching them over beef eating or transporting of cattle. Members of the lower caste Dalit community, many of whom consume beef as a staple, have also been targeted by Hindu mobs.

Reports said in the past two years, almost a dozen people were killed in attacks from cow vigilantes.

Critics and opposition politicians have accused Modi of failing to condemn the violence and the so-called cow protection groups, some with links to his party, accused of fomenting the attacks, a charge the prime minister's Bharatiya Janata Party denies. State police soon started closing down butcher shops over suspected slaughter of cows.

- On October 9, 2015, Zahid Ahmed, a truck driver, was attacked by Hindu extremists in Udhampur amid rumors that he had been transporting the slaughtered cows.

"We don't seem to learn from our history".

In India's IT hub Bengaluru, activists, scholars and youngsters registered their protest against hate crimes, mostly perpetrated against Muslims, in the name of cow protection. Be it Hindu, muslim or atheist, I stand against this brutal anarchy. "Everyone is welcome but without party or organisational banners", the invite read.

People gather to protest against a spate of violent attacks across the country targetting the country's Muslim minority in Kolkata India
People gather to protest against a spate of violent attacks across the country targetting the country's Muslim minority in Kolkata India

Social media once again emerged to be a handy tool in mobilising the protest as most of those who arrived at Jantar Mantar got to know about it after seeing the Facebook or Whatsapp messages.A Facebook post by Gurgaon-based filmmaker Saba Dewan against the lynching of a Muslim teenager sparked a powerful online campaign, leading to protest marches being organised in 10-odd cities across the country.Uttara Chaudhary, 21, a student of Ashoka University in Delhi said, "We are five friends here". He wrote, "I completely support the #NotInMyName movement".

According to a study by the IndiaSpend organization, cow vigilante attacks began in 2010, but have gotten much worse since Narendra Modi and the ruling BJP party came to power in 2014.

His government has thus come under frequent criticism for emboldening extreme Hindu nationalists.

In his address, Moulana Tanveer Peeran Hashmi, a veteran cleric and president of the council, criticised the Narendra Modi government at the Centre for not taking any tough action against such groups which were creating terror in the country in the name of protecting cows.

"It is not the first time that we are listening this from him (Prime Minister Modi)".

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