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1 killed, 2 injured in shooting at Israeli embassy in Jordan

August 20 2017, 02:08 | Irvin Gilbert

Demonstrators march in Downtown Amman to protest against Israeli measures in occupied Jerusalem on Friday

Demonstrators march in Downtown Amman to protest against Israeli measures in occupied Jerusalem on Friday

Oded Eran, a former Israeli ambassador to Jordan, said that, in the short term, security should be stepped up outside the embassy and, in the long term, the Jordanians should "tone down their statements on Jerusalem and events at Temple Mount".

"The Israeli government is playing with fire and risking a major crisis with the Arab and Islamic world". The cabinet is expected to agree to a proposal, according to which the Jordanians will allow the Israeli security guard to be released in return for the removal of the metal detectors from the Temple Mount. Israel said that, under the rules of the 1961 Vienna Convention, the guard has immunity from detention and investigation.

Israeli police officers detain a Palestinian youth outside the Lion's Gate near the Al Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem's Old City, Sunday, July 23, 2017.

One Jordanian is reported to have been killed and two others wounded in a shooting incident at the Israeli embassy in Amman.

The quarrel broke out between the two for unknown reasons, leaving the Jordanian with two gunshots in the shoulder and the Israeli stabbed in the chest.

He said his son was not a trouble-maker and had not belonged to any groups or political parties, and demanded to know why the boy had been killed.

The wording of a "terrorist" being "neutralized" after "lightly injuring" is that used in much of Israeli media coverage of a spate of copy-cat incidents in the West Bank since 2015 in which (mostly very young) Palestinians have attempted to stab soldiers only to be shot dead.

Security forces have surrounded the Israeli embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, amid reports of an attack. The tensions have led to mass prayer protests and deadly Israeli-Palestinian violence. Netanyahu said that the government was "carrying out discussions at all levels with security officials in Israel and the government in Amman in order to bring this situation to a resolution". It said there was no Jordan proposal to trade the security guard for a removal of the metal detectors. It also shares a long border with Israel. "Policemen came into the hotel and were shouting and went wildŲŒ saying that in a minute they would take us out of Jordan if we made even a tiny squeak". Relations plummeted three years later when Israeli spies were arrested in Amman after poisoning senior Hamas official Khaled Meshaal.

Ties recovered after Israel delivered the antidote for the poison with which Meshaal had been injected.

Muslim religious leaders have alleged that Israel is trying to expand its control at the site under the guise of security, a claim Israel denies.

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