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United Kingdom prime minister's top aides resign after election fiasco

July 23 2018, 05:54 | Jonathan Williams

A DUP spokesman said discussions with the Tories would continue next week.

Without a majority, she could be forced to seek consensus on the approach she takes, potentially by performing a U-turn on single market membership, protecting the economy at the expense of immigration controls.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May leaves after a church service in Sonning, Britain.

The PM has made clear she wants support from her "friends and allies" in Northern Ireland's DUP to secure her administration ahead of the Queen's Speech on 19 June. "Our manifesto was full of fear and the Labour Party's manifesto was full of promises".

"I don't think throwing us into a leadership battle at this moment in time, when we are about to launch into these hard negotiations, would be in the best interests of the country", Evans said.

ROGER SCULLY: Well, I think a major thing that happened is that the Conservative Party effectively undermined the core message of their own campaign.

The stunning outcome leaves May battling to unite different factions in her party and reliant on a handful of Northern Irish parliamentarians just nine days before Britain starts the tortuous process of negotiating its departure from the EU.

The DUP, whose 10 seats would allow the government to get measures through Parliament, is a socially conservative pro-British Protestant group that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and includes both environmentalists and climate-change deniers among its senior ranks.

Jonathan Powell said a deal with the DUP would jeopardize the Good Friday Agreement.

BBC presenter David Dimbleby claimed last night that the United Kingdom has "reverted to a two-party system", as the two parties combined to receive a higher share of the popular vote than in any election since 1970. We should remember this was, as you said at the beginning, a snap election.

British Prime Minister Theresa May speaks watched by her husband Philip in 10 Downing street, London, as she addresses the press Friday, June 9, 2017 following an audience with Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace where she asked to form a government.

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"One of them is country, one of the others is LGBTI rights".

But Soubry said May's time in the top job would be limited.

Several newspapers said Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson was being urged by supporters to launch a leadership challenge, but he dismissed the reports as "tripe" in a tweet saying he was backing May. But not for some time, let's get this clear.

"We are going to see, I hope, more collective decision-making in the cabinet".

In a pooled broadcast interview, Mrs May hinted she could be prepared to sacrifice them to appease her critics once she has completed her ministerial appointments.

Some Conservative lawmakers called for May's joint chiefs of staff, Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy, to be sacked for their key role in the election campaign.

Meanwhile, a buoyant Corbyn was insisting he saw a route for Labour to form a government, despite the electoral arithmetic.

A spokeswoman for Mrs May confirmed that the prime minister had been involved in a telephone conversation with Mr Kenny.

May called the general election three years earlier than required by law, with the aim of sweeping an even greater majority for her party before Brexit talks in just eight days to take the country out of the EU.

In a resignation statement on the Conservative Home website, Timothy conceded that the campaign had failed to communicate "Theresa's positive plan for the future", and missed signs of surging support for the opposition Labour Party.

"I think its quite possible there'll be an election later this year or early next year, and that might be a good thing, because we can not go on with a period of great instability", he told the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday.

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