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Technical Foul Confusion Just Part of NBA Finals Game 4 Tension

March 24 2018, 11:40 | Van Peters

But the situation was clarified soon after, as the apparent technical on Green in the first quarter had actually been called on Golden State coach Steve Kerr, but the scorer's table thought it was on Green. As with the later call, Green's reaction to the whistle is wildly disproportionate, and is exactly the sort of thing that often earns a technical foul, and Green did.

The NBA's Game 4 referees attributed the Draymond Green technical foul confusion to miscommunication with the scorer's table. "After looking at the video, I did not verbalize to the table, and looking at the video, I should have done a better job of making sure that the table knew the technical foul was on coach Kerr". "After looking at the video, I did not verbalize to the table".

"We found out at the same time when we called the first technical foul on Draymond Green".

Kerr: "I thought they called it on Draymond".

"I don't pay much attention to anybody in Cleveland, honestly", Green said. At that time, we did not do a very good job of listening to the PA announcer and we did not hear him announce it.

Green stayed in the game, which led to boos everytime he touched the ball. "I didn't even get in anybody's face and I've been getting techs".

Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue called it as intense as his team has played in the Finals, with respect to the physicality and the altercations in the third quarter.

"The procedure is to advise the table who the technical foul is on and with the player we give a number". The crowd thought Green should have been given an ejection for having a pair of technical fouls. "As I asked him, he told me to keep playing".

But Green stood stoically on the floor, then egged on the crowd to raise the decibel level of their jeers toward him. If you come into the game chanting my name, you be at home thinking about me.

"So I don't know".

So even though Friday was a bad night for the Warriors, at least they head home with good news. Fall in love with the superstars. Babers-Green was seen being held back by a friend of Green's. And in a game filled with insane moments, this one wound up topping them all. "We had a goal and we cut down some of our mistakes we have been making those first three games and were able to play well". "We're backed in a corner".

"Thank God I get to play on Monday. It's the way we play at our best".

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