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Putin dismisses US claims about Trump, Russia and elections

May 20 2018, 05:42 | Irvin Gilbert

In an interview broadcast on Sunday, Russian President Vladimir Putin denied having knowledge of an alleged secret dossier with compromising information on President Trump.

He then went on to suggest that perhaps the American intelligence services were behind the hacking and were blaming Russian Federation for an unspecified reason.

Putin suggested that skilled hackers anywhere, including the USA, could shift the blame for hacking onto Russian Federation.

"Well, this is just another load of nonsense", Putin said.

The Russian deputy foreign minister boasted of Russia's "extensive contacts" with Mr Trump's team while the foreign minister Sergey Lavrov recently said, "We are concentrating on the main character, in this case the President of the United States... who has expressed his desire to develop better our relations and our common interests". Still, I applaud NBC and Kelly for directing attention to this bad problem.

The US journalist interviewed Putin at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) earlier this week, and had a sit-down separately with him on Friday.

"There was a time when he used to come to Moscow", he said. "You and I met yesterday evening".

Putin downplayed Flynn's appearance with him at a December 2015 gala dinner in honour of the Russian television network Russia Today (RT), which USA officials consider a state-run propaganda outlet.

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A YouGov model based on different data estimated May's Conservatives would win 317 seats, nine short of an overall majority of 326 seats.

In an interview to be aired today evening by NBC, Putin minimized his contact with Flynn, who was sacked by US President Donald Trump in February after offering misleading descriptions of conversations he had had with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Do you think we're gathering information on all of the [Americans visiting the USA on business]. "This is nonsense. Do you understand what you are asking me or not?" And despite saying there had been no reports, Putin volunteered that “there was not even a specific discussion of sanctions or something else.” In a discussion moderated by Kelly on Friday, Putin said it was “nuts” to suggest the Trump administration had moved to ease economic sanctions on Russian Federation. "Good job. Your lives must be boring".

Lawmakers should get the chance to hear from fired FBI Director James Comey - and President Donald Trump "is better served by getting all this information out".

Putin also said he had no knowledge of a report by multiple USA media outlets of a proposal by Trump son-in-law and key adviser Jared Kushner to set up a secret communications channel with the Kremlin. Flynn, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant general and former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, was paid $45,000 to speak at the anniversary gala for the Russia Today television network. Do you think we're gathering compromising information on all of them right now or something?

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that Moscow interfered in last year's USA presidential election campaign to try to tilt the vote in Trump's favor.

The public hearing is expected to shed light on his private conversations with Trump in the weeks before his dismissal, including one discussion in which Trump allegedly asked Comey to drop an investigation of former national security adviser Michael Flynn and his Russian contacts. 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, ' Putin said.

Trump has called an FBI investigation into alleged ties between his campaign and Russian Federation a "witch hunt" created to undermine the legitimacy of his 2016 election win.

Chairman of the US Congressional Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes also released a statement about the absence of indisputable evidence of a collusion between Moscow and Donald Trump.

Mr Comey's appearance before the Senate intelligence committee will mark his first public comments since he was abruptly sacked by the president last month.

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