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Nintendo Switch online features will cost just $20 a year

March 24 2018, 11:39 | Guillermo Bowen

Nintendo Switch online features will cost just $20 a year

Nintendo Switch online features will cost just $20 a year

Switch owners have been looking forward to details about the online service, and Nintendo chose to let us all know about Nintendo Switch Online Service during Game 1 of NBA Finals.

And even though the service has been delayed, the app will be available to trial this year.

While the release window for the Switch's online service is still a mystery, the pricing details were fully fleshed out. You can also elect to pay $4 a month or $8 for 3 months instead. They also make the service some degree cheaper than the equivalents for Xbox and PlayStation, although Nintendo has traditionally offered up online services for free. Nintendo is only saying "2018" at this point. These games will include Super Mario Bros. The Nintendo Switch Online site gives Balloon Fight, Dr. Mario and Super Mario World 3 as examples.

Also, for $20 Dollars you'll get access to classic games updated with online functionality. The classic games will be accessible to users as long as they are active subscribers, and they will be releasing more classics and NES titles as time goes on.

The second benefit mentioned for the Switch Online subscription service are Nintendo eShop Deals.

Also included in that fee are monthly classic games from Nintendo's back catalog, updated with multiplayer support and playable on the new console. Online play will remain free for Nintendo Switch users until 2018 rolls around. This includes online play. The free version of the app is still on track for Summer 2017. Nintendo continues to Nintendo, making weird decisions alongside its development and production of games that manage to make us happily shrug the weirdness off. Let's just hope that whatever the "limited" version of these services turns out to be, it doesn't muck up Splatoon 2 or ARMS. However, a Splatoon 2 headset announcement by accessory manufacturer Hori does confirm that at least online chat will be supported.

Why not integrate these smartphone app features into the Switch itself? This is to allow simultaneous game audio and online chat through the same headphones. It's unknown if it's just limited to Nintendo first-party titles or not. Japanese retailer Sinobi recently made a listing for a Nintendo Switch Arcade Controller that would support Pokken Tournament - the Wii U fighting game released a year ago. As announced earlier with Hori's officially-licensed Switch chat headphones, Nintendo's voice-chat system won't be the most graceful of solutions but it will keep kids from talking to strangers.

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