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New iPhone 8 Video Gives You a Full 360-Degree Tour

January 22 2018, 08:34 | Guillermo Bowen

The first iPhone went on sale 10 years ago today — here's how Steve Jobs announced it

The iPhone 10 years on: from innovation to compromise

"The device also reinforced the notion of a pocket computer with near-PC like performance one can fit in their pocket".

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of Apple's iPhone, which first went on sale on in the USA on June 29th back in 2007. It also introduces the world the concept of an App Store, a single store for downloading apps on the smartphones with a single touch.

With barely three months left, Apple is most likely getting ready to mass produce the iPhone 8. However, Ballmer and many others would be taken by surprise at the monumental rise of what many consider the first mass market smartphone. It was the first phone from a company which had an expertise in making computing devices and redefined the music industry with iPod in the past. But it weighed more than a pound, cost around $1,000, and wasn't very intuitive. But in Munster's view, the party at Apple will continue long after the iPhone is done carrying the load.

Sure, with no app store or 3G - not to mention a lack of iOS updates support - a first-gen iPhone is definitely one for the gadget museum rather than a retro replacement for your current smartphone. It's the reason we can summon taxis without speaking a word, dispatch magically disappearing photos and transfer digital payments with the press of a button. With some new options for the colour, iPhone 7 straight got onto the line up of gen-next era of future smartphones. Hence, the design of the iPhone 8 revealed through its dummy unit certainly can not be dismissed as fake. "But convergence devices, for the most part, have been spectacular failures", he said.

The next iPhone launched with what it was lacking the previous year.

Whether the dummy is an accurate representation of the device Apple is rumored to bring to market later this year remains unclear. A few sources in the "supply chain" had given some clues to an analyst, Johnny Chang, with J.P. Morgan's Hong Kong office, and is colleague Ellen Tsung, and they told me "Apple is working on an iPod with phone functions".

The iPhone did more than change the way cellphones were designed, it both revitalized and redefined the category.

Inside a secure room, a collection of super smart techies, ate, slept, worked way beyond the typical eight hour day, fought and, at times overthought, the design of this new slick mobile device.

"One of the improvements that we're expecting in technology is this ability to get vital health information that can be monitored all the time", he said, "and the iPhone will be able to provide that". "To own an iPhone was to own a status symbol".

It's probably the way some people felt about the iPhone 10 years ago.

During the iPhone's reveal event Steve Jobs made a prank call to Starbucks, ordering 4,000 lattes for its attendees. For comparison, that's more units sold than Mattel Barbie dolls, Zippo lighters or Sony Playstations, according to data put together by The Wall Street Journal. The video, created in collaboration with Tiger Mobiles, showcases the iPhone 8 from all possible angles.

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