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Church bus crashes in Atlanta area; several injured

May 20 2018, 05:44 | Irvin Gilbert

At least a dozen people are injured after a church bus crashed in Georgia Thursday, officials said.

One of those church members is Madison County Commissioner Phil Vandiver.

Vandiver said he spoke with both shortly after the accident but neither could provide any real details. The church said it was carrying adults and high school students in grades 11 and 12. The girl who died was not a student in the district, he said.

The bus was overturned at the intersection of Camp Creek Parkway and Merk Road in southwest Atlanta.

According to Fulton County Police Cpl.

Fulton County police said that there were 38 people on the bus. We know things happen for a reason so we're gonna find the good. One moment, things are fine. "It's just tough", Few told WSB-TV.

HUNTSVILLE -The youth group from Mount Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville was headed to the Atlanta airport when the bus they were riding in was involved in a wreck and overturned.

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Meanwhile, Mount Zion Baptist posted to its Facebook page that "churches around Atlanta have opened their homes to us and a Chick-fil-A branch has taken food".

At last one other vehicle was involved in the crash, local media reported.

Hospital officials said it was an emotional day for them as families kept pouring in wanting to know the status of their loved ones. Four were in critical condition. "Several serious injuries. Please pray for those injured and parents as they travel to Atlanta". At least two injuries were serious.

"When bad stuff happens, we all want to question why", Lance Roberson said. "There are a lot of families that are going to have tough times ahead".

Two people injured in the crash were airlifted to hospitals. "It's heartwarming to have that; it's awful to be in a situation where you need it". Let's also remember the pastors, church leaders, and congregation of Mount Zion Baptist Church as they work to come to terms with this tragic accident. An airplane and bus were taking family members from Huntsville to be reunited with the survivors in Atlanta.

"PRAY! One of the buses with the student ministry mission had an accident on the way to the Atlanta airport. There's just not much you can say".

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