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Bombing in diplomatic area of Kabul kills 80, wounds scores

May 20 2018, 05:44 | Irvin Gilbert

German officials said they were constantly reviewing security in Afghanistan.

"There are several other important compounds and offices near there too", he told Reuters.

Bloodied corpses littered the scene and a huge cloud of smoke rose from the highly-fortified area which houses foreign embassies, after the rush-hour attack tore a massive crater in the ground and blew out windows several miles away. Afghanistan's private TOLO Television also reported a staffer killed; Germany said an Afghan security guard outside its embassy was among those killed.

The victims appeared mainly to have been Afghan civilians.

The French, Turkish and Chinese embassies were among those damaged, the three countries said, adding there were no immediate signs of injuries among their diplomats.

The Afghan government's media center has raised the death toll from the massive suicide truck bombing in Kabul to 90 killed. At least two journalists - one each from the BBC and 1TV - were wounded.

The Australian embassy was put into lockdown but a Defence Department spokesman said all Australian personnel deployed to Afghanistan had been accounted for.

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Kawasi, the health official, said the wounded were admitted to different Kabul hospitals. His head wound had been bandaged but blood still soaked his white dress shirt.

"The attack demonstrates a complete disregard for civilians and reveals the barbaric nature of the enemy faced by the Afghan people", U.S. Resolute Support Command said in a statement after the attack. The blast shattered all windows of the Indian embassy.

The insurgent group rarely claims responsibility for attacks that kill large numbers of civilians.

The bomber drove into Kabul's heavily guarded diplomatic quarter during the morning rush hour, leaving behind a bloody scene of chaos and destruction in one of the worst attacks since the drawdown of foreign forces from Afghanistan in 2014.

US and Afghan forces have been battling the Taliban insurgency for more than 15 years.

There are now 8,500 USA troops in Afghanistan with a US promise of more to come.

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