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1 dead after shooting in northwest Minnesota

January 21 2018, 12:13 | Irvin Gilbert

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A 22-year-old Halstad, Minnesota man is dead after being shot and killed in a YouTube stunt gone wrong.

Around 6:30 p.m. Monday night, Norman County sheriff's deputies responded to the 500 block of U.S. Highway 75 on a report of a shooting. She's now in police custody and was schedule to appear in court today (June 28) for a manslaughter charged. "I wish he would've just done another prank", said the victim's aunt, Claudia Ruiz.

She quoted him as replying, " 'Because we want more viewers. They wanted to see if the book could stop the bullet.

She claimed the plan was Ruiz's own, and that he had showed her another book that had successfully stopped the bullet.

As for the girlfriend, Perez now faces manslaughter charges in relation to the shooting death of her boyfriend, according to WDAY. According to family members Monalisa was pregnant with their child, and their 3-year-old daughter was present for the devastating event.

Perez and Ruiz first began making videos for their YouTube channel, La MonaLisa, back in March. On Monday she finally agreed, and fired from about a foot away as he held the book to his chest.

"They were in love". We want to get famous'.

She told the Star Tribune that Ruiz was a gun enthusiast and "dare devil" who was always 'putting a unsafe twist on everything he did'. Emergency responders said Ruiz had a single gunshot wound in his chest. "I wish he would've just done another prank".

Neighbors watched as paramedics did CPR on Pedro Ruiz outside the couple's home before he was airlifted to a Fargo, N.D., hospital.

The couple had set up a GoPro camera and another camera placed high up on a nearby ladder to record the stunt; both cameras are now being used as evidence in the investigation. "It shouldn't have happened at all", Ruiz said.

A 20-year-old woman was arrested for reckless discharge of a gun.

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