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You Can Continue Work On-The-Go Soon On Windows 10

May 20 2018, 05:39 | Alexander Lowe

It was one of the surprise additions to Microsoft's Build keynote, and now the company is allowing Windows 10 testers to experiment with the new app ahead of its debut in the Fall Creators Update later this year. Yes, the improvements sound interesting and here's a quick glimpse at everything that Microsoft announced at Build 2017 developer conference.

Microsoft also highlighted its vision to amplify human ingenuity with intelligent technology, bringing AI to every developer through the combination of the Microsoft cloud and AI.

Microsoft on Thursday, May 11, U.S. time, unveiled a forthcoming Windows update aimed at keeping its desktop and laptop computers at the heart of lifestyles' increasing reliant on smartphones. Windows 10 was released in 2015, and by the end of September it was at 100 million devices.

The operating system should receive minor cosmetic updates, part of Microsoft's new Fluent Design System, which will optimize Windows 10 for various use ranges on top of regular Windows modes, including virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality.

The next Windows 10 operating system update, due later this year, includes several new features to help business users get work done faster and easier. It sounds neat, but really, do I need a second way to open Word and continue working on a document? Termed as Fall Creators Update, it aims to stylise user experience with not just native Windows tools but also cater to cross-platform systems like Android and iOS. The new interface will replace the Metro UI, and debuts in the branded apps on iOS and Android. Developers can also download a software developer kit for Microsoft's new Project Rome, allowing them incorporate their apps into Microsoft Graph so they will appear in the Timeline feature when the Fall Creators Update is released. This may not sound like a big deal, but think about the fact that iTunes is one of the most frequently searched apps on the Windows Store and it has never been listed there. The app is a feature-laden video editor that will surely meet the needs of video creators, bringing over machine learning to make videos look even better. Unfortunately, details aren't available about the smart speaker.

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Powerpoint can now translate slideshows in real time. This plugin will allow you to instantly translate subtitles and text in real-time.

As seen in the demo video attached above, two Microsoft engineers show off a device running the complete 64-bit "Windows 10 Pro" installation, complete with the rich desktop experience. The plugin can also provide translated subtitles in real-time.

Microsoft acquired Xamarin in March 2016, and integrated it with its app development platform, Visual Studio. The 64-bit installation is able to run 32-bit Windows apps using the same tech. Previously it was available for preview. With the new mobile app, users can maintain their Azure Cloud on the go.

"Reminding you what app you were working in before on a new device is helpful", he said. To enhance your videos, you can also add effects such as explosions, fireballs, import 3D images, soundtracks and animations among others. Notably, this one has the Windows Ink support to write on photos and videos easily.

Company representatives said Windows, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Azure together offer developers more than a billion opportunities to connect their innovations with Microsoft customers.

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