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Tesla starts selling solar roof; says savings to cover costs

May 24 2018, 01:46 | Alonzo Simpson

Tesla's smooth glass tile. Tesla

Tesla's smooth glass tile.   Tesla

At the time of the announcement, Musk claimed a Solar Roof would have a similar cost to a standard roof "plus electricity". This allows consumers to choose how many solar tiles they need based on their home's electricity consumption, the company said.

The Tesla CEO also said that people can order the solar roof tiles from "almost any country" with deployment happening in the USA first this year, followed by overseas in 2018. However, there has been a slight delay.

While that timeline slipped slightly, Musk tweeted Wednesday morning that the orders would open sometime on Wednesday.

The company will start shipping and installation of solar roofs later this year in the USA and in 2018 for other countries.

Tesla would launch two types of glass tiles now among the four types which they have announced and shown off to the public previously.

Two designs of the tile - "Textured" and "Smooth" - will be available first while "Tuscan" and "Slate" designs are to follow later in 2018. Buildings that anticiapate using more electricity over the course of the day can customize their roof tiles to include more solar tiles for heavier demand or fewer solar tiles for light demand. They'll go to USA customers first this year and to other countries next year. To help people determine that, Tesla also dropped a solar roof calculator with the release so people can estimate exactly the cost and how much money the roof will save them over time when they order. Australian customers can place an order for Solar Roof for $1,310 on the Tesla website.

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"The pricing is better than I expected, better than everyone expected", said Hugh Bromley, a solar analyst at Bloomberg New Energy Finance who had been skeptical about the potential market impact of the new product.

The product, which Tesla will offer through its SolarCity division, will be a no-brainer for homeowners, Musk has said.

The system will feature solar-collecting tiles, not panels.

"The typical homeowner can expect to pay $US21.85 per square foot for Solar Roof, and benefit from a handsome new roof that also increases the value of their home", Tesla said in a statement. But eventually all production will move to a joint Tesla and Panasonic Corp. factory in Buffalo, New York.

However, not all homes are suited to solar panels, says Futurism. High-efficiency solar cells are embedded in the shingles and wired together to form a power-producing surface. Taking all that into account reduces the cost of a new roof to close to that of a conventional roof, assuming it lasts 30 years.

Shares of Tesla on Wednesday edged 0.6 percent lower to $319.23 after adding 4.6 percent on Tuesday.

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