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Small sinkhole opens outside Trump's Florida getaway club

November 22 2017, 06:21 | Alonzo Simpson

President Donald Trump's Mar-a Lago estate is seen

President Donald Trump's Mar-a Lago estate is seen

When President Trump drains a swamp, he opens a sinkhole.

Social media users, meanwhile, were quick to mock the announcement of the discovery.

On Monday morning, the municipal website for Palm Beach issued an unceremonious traffic warning regarding the earth just opening the fuck up and threatening to devour President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate.

It's near a newly-installed water main and some "exploratory excavation" will likely take place, the town said.

The Palm Beach Post said a worker on scene said that crews cut around the sinkhole and will dig to find the problem.

Mar-a-Lago has quickly become known as the "Winter White House".

While the initial threat to Mar-a-Lago appeared to have been contained, the hole was "probably not" going to get any bigger, according to Kathleen Walter, communications director for the city of West Palm Beach - but the search for answers continued.

These numbers reflect only the costs associated with the president's plane, Air Force One.

Trump is in Israel, the second stop on a nine-day overseas tour.

Each of the 500 members pays 14,000 dollars (£10,700) annually in dues. The initiation fee was recently doubled to $200,000.

Although the sinkhole has not caused any major traffic delays, the lane in which it appeared has been closed for the relevant authorities to analyse and fix.

They often occur when rocks made of chalk, limestone or the mineral gypsum are dissolved by acidic rainwater, which explains their prevalence in recent weeks.

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