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Russian Spies Wanted To Recruit GOP Rep As Spy

June 21 2018, 12:31 | Alexander Lowe

Donald Trump is accused of being paid by Putin More

Donald Trump is accused of being paid by Putin More

Last night, the Washington Post reported on a 2016 conversation, between members of the House Republican leadership team, concerning Donald Trump's shady ties to Russian Federation.

Only a short time before the announcement of the special counsel came out, the Washington Post reported that Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the House Majority Leader (2nd behind Paul Ryan in the House GOP), said previous year that he thinks Vladimir Putin has Trump on the payroll.

Rohrabacher has always been known as one of Russia's most vocal defenders in Washington, and he's now one of Trump's biggest allies on Capitol Hill.

US Speaker of the House Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) (R) speaks as House Majority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (L) looks on during a news briefing at the headquarters of Republican National Committee May 17, 2017 in Washington, DC.

McCarthy and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) had just come from separate meetings with Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman, who spoke with the two leaders about Russian military aggression in his country and that country's efforts to undercut democracies across Europe, according to the report. "NO LEAKS...[laughter]...alright?. What's said in the family stays in the family".

"This entire year-old exchange was clearly an attempt at humor", spokesperson Brendan Buck told The Post. "Swear to God", McCarthy added after a few lawmakers laughed.

But equally predictable there were those who cried conspiracy and wanted to believe McCarthy was serious then, but lying now.

Rohrabacher told The Hill that McCarthy has apologized for the joke and for the attention it has caused.

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According to a transcript, McCarthy's remark was followed by laughter, and Ryan telling the group to zip their collective lips: "This is an off the record...[laughter]..."

"This was a failed attempt at humor", Matt Sparks, a spokesman for McCarthy, told the Post.

There are speculations of a possible impeachment over suspicions that Trump may have obstructed justice by requesting former FBI Director, James Comey to drop the investigations into former national security adviser, Michael Flynn's ties to Russian Federation.

McCarthy and Ryan's aides initially denied the story, which McCarthy said was because "no one even remembers it transpiring".

Mr McMullin was at the meeting in his capacity as policy director to the House Republican Conference, ran unsuccessfully for president as an independent and is a frequent critic of Mr Trump.

"Eh, nonsense", said New York Rep. Chris Collins waving it off, who then added, on further pressing: "So who said what?"

Trump's fixation with Putin and his team's alleged ties with Moscow have been making headlines ever since the business mogul announced his bid for presidency.

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