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Russell Crowe confirms Ed Sheeran's engagement?

January 21 2018, 12:11 | Perry Erickson

Russell Crow may have revealed Ed Sheeran's big marriage secretGetty

Sheeran Crowe

The Thinking Out Loud singer hinted at the time that the speculations could be true when he revealed on another radio show that he is ready for marriage and having children with Seaborn.

The Gladiator star called the singer's hockey player girlfriend his "fiancée" while discussing his close friendship with the chart-topper.

Representatives for the Shape Of You hitmaker are yet to respond to requests for comment over the validity of Crowe's remark, but the Oscar winner's closeness to the Sheeran appeared apparent when he warmly presented him with a Brit Award in 2015.

Ed Sheeran's fans have been eager to learn when the singer plans to settle down.

We're used to Ed Sheeran being pretty low-key about his relationships, but we were gobsmacked AF when pal Russell Crowe let slip on radio that Ed and GF Cherry Seaborn are engaged.

"He (Sheeran) was on tour here and he was getting a bit burned out so he came up and stayed at the farm for a couple of days to get some sleep and then we became conversational mates", Russell explained of his house guest at his coastal property in New South Wales. "We just became friendly and he has since come back with his fiancee for more time and stuff".

It must be nice because apparently the two them finished off an entire bottle of tequila together.

He continued: "We don't get anything from each other other than just a night out".

Russell also told how he introduced Ed to a homemade alcoholic drink which avoids hangovers due to its high water content.

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