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Protesters call for investigation following FBI director firing

June 21 2018, 12:41 | Irvin Gilbert

And many did not want to see him go, especially in the midst of the bureau's investigation into whether President Donald Trump's campaign had ties to Russia's meddling in the election. Trump may have done nothing improper involving Russian Federation, but why does he act so defensive? Conway said it made complete sense as Trump and his administration had lost confidence in Comey as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On Wednesday, Trump defended his stance on firing FBI Director, James Comey - telling reporters that James Comey simply "wasn't doing a good job".

According to multiple news reports on Wednesday night, Trump himself had grown increasingly angry and frustrated with Comey over his handling of the Russian Federation investigation.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders referred to what she called "atrocities in circumventing the chain of command" at the Justice Department in attempting to explain his firing.

It comes as the odds of Donald Trump's presidency lasting until 2019 tumbled after FBI Director James Comey was sacked by the Republican. As head of the FBI, Comey had been leading the complex counterintelligence investigation that has dogged the Trump White House since Inauguration Day.

McCabe met with Justice officials on Tuesday. The first category applies to people who are likely to be criminally charged.

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"Nothing less is at stake than the American people's faith in our criminal justice system and the integrity of the executive branch of our government", said Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer, who argued that the failure of the Justice Department to name a prosecutor would show that Trump's decision was "part of a cover-up". "To put it bluntly, it appears to have been a blatant lie".

There now are 11 congressional staff working on the Senate probe, a number that some lawmakers have said publicly isn't enough to handle the voluminous intelligence reporting and leads that have been generated by the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer declared publicly he'd lost trust in Comey's ability to lead the nation's top law enforcement agency.

Comey's revelation triggered a political quake - which Democrats believe tipped the scales against their candidate - even though the newly-discovered emails turned out to contain nothing of significance.

Two former senior Justice Department officials said it made little sense to fire Comey while the Justice Department Inspector General was still doing a review of the FBI's handling of the Clinton email investigation. The President complained, with expletives, about Comey's "mildly nauseous" answer and said his answer when pressed on leaks convinced the President he was far less concerned about the leaks than Trump thought he should be. "Were those investigations getting too close to home for the president?" "But it would be unusual for the president to push that for political reasons". Meanwhile, we urge the Senate and House committees looking into the matter to redouble their efforts.By no means are we saying that at this point we believe Trump's associates colluded with Russian Federation or committed any crime during the campaign. It was to be business as usual, he said.

"I feel like what happened yesterday was truly shocking, and the Republicans won't stand up and do what they should without somebody pressing them", said demonstrator Kelli Rowedder, a 34-year-old teacher from Washington.

Those sparse words were all the President had to say about why he fired Comey, aside from several messages on Twitter.

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