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Microsoft Clarifies Xbox Scorpio Frame Rate/Fidelity Stance

January 22 2018, 08:32 | Alexander Lowe

Microsoft Clarifies Xbox Scorpio Frame Rate/Fidelity Stance

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There's a lot of anticipation surrounding the upcoming Project Scorpio, with recent hardware reveals leading to a rise in pre-orders for the "most powerful console ever made".

And according to Microsoft, it will be completely up to developers to choose whether or not to leverage Scorpio's extra power to hit certain framerate or other graphical fidelity benchmarks.

For those who don't know, gamers have been voicing out about this topic because Project Scorpio players will have an unfair advantage over Xbox One players in multiplayer if there's no FPS parity.

As the above tweet explains, Microsoft will not impose any restrictions on developers to maintain frame rate parity, instead letting the developer choose what they believe will be the best setup for their game. This means that the company does not impose any requirements that limit "the framerate or fidelity".

But at least one fan doubted the veracity of that statement. In a response to a Twitter user's question about Microsoft capping the capabilities of its upcoming console, Xbox Scorpio, engineering lead Mike Ybarra, replied to the conversation by clarifying that Microsoft will not put any limitations in place to keep its older Xbox One console in the game.

The answer, then, seems to be "it's not up to us" - Microsoft is offering a hands-off approach, with game developers left to choose how they want to treat two separate-but-linked Xbox audiences.

This led to a question regarding parity of framerates between the same game playing on Xbox One and Scorpio, particularly in multiplayer (where differing framerates can make a definable adjustment in quality of play).

Why did all this dust kick up now?

One title worth noting is Forza Motorsport 6 Apex, as it's already been confirmed to be capable of running at 60 FPS in 4K. The drawback is that if a game looks awful, you know it isn't on Microsoft or Xbox, it's on the devs.

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