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Lil Wayne threatens to sue disgraced mogul over album leaks

May 24 2018, 01:26 | Perry Erickson

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T-Pain have his and Lil Wayne's fans hype!

In the history of lost and long-mythologized hip-hop albums, the T-Wayne project falls somewhere between Dr. Dre's years-in-the-making Detox (which he finally killed for good with the release of Compton in 2015) and a rumored-but-unconfirmed collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and J.

T-Pain just unleashed a real rap unicorn.

This ain't for y'all new n-ggas.

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Lil Wayne's legal team is demanding Shkreli hand over his copy of the album, which he purchased for an undisclosed amount after it was never issued publicly. "These the lost files from '09 and I'm exhausted of em just sittin on my hard drive".

The photo attached to the tweet appears to be a cover for T-Wayne, as it features a sketch of half of T-Pain's face against half of Weezy's.

T-Pain not only shared the artwork for the album, he also implied that it could drop very, very soon. While on Instagram, he left the caption. The hint comes nine years after the project's first mention, where T-Pain upped the excitement ante by revealing to MTV in 2008 that the album's construction was actively underway. We don't know. But it would be insanely dope if the two ever dropped it. T-Wayne slows it down on the melodic ballad "Snap Ya Fingers" where they woo their prospective lovers.

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