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Cannes film festival kicks-off with a fiery fracas over Netflix

January 21 2018, 12:11 | Perry Erickson

Cannes film festival kicks-off with a fiery fracas over Netflix

Cannes film festival kicks-off with a fiery fracas over Netflix

CANNES, France (AP) — Pedro Almodovar and Will Smith offered differing opinions on Netflix in a press conference on opening day at the Cannes Film Festival. At the press conference, immediately the subject of Netflix vs. Cannes came up- Netflix is showing two movies that won't be in French cinema, only on their service.

Due to a rule change for next year's festival, all movies submitted will have to be released in French cinemas.

Mistress of Ceremony actress Monica Bellucci poses during the 70th Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France on Wednesday. "There's very little cross between going to the cinema and watching what they watch on Netflix in my home".

The row centres on strict rules that restrict online streaming in France until three years after a movie goes on general release. Netflix has not wanted to participate in the French system, and that offended some in the film industry here. "I want to give them an abundance of films [to watch]".

Rival events in the environment of the film and television industry (for example, a proposed Cannes TV Festival in 2018 and more tolerant selection criteria at other global Film Festivals, such as at SxSW in the US) have prompted the Cannes Film Festival to sever its stone wall resistance to television drama series. As Netflix and Amazon (and other new players in this field) continue to disrupt traditional business models for the financing, production and consumption of film, it will be a challenge for worldwide film festivals (such as Berlin, Venice, London and Sundance) to respond in positive ways to accommodate these new production models.

The film also takes viewers on a long cinematic journey from a remote mountain village in South Korea's Gangwon Province to New York's Manhattan, the heart of capitalism, along with the girl named Mija, he said. And now they get to find those artists.

But Smith has a $90 million movie called "Bright" coming to Netflix only, in December.

Netflix, however, has refused to back down, with boss Reed Hastings claiming that "the establishment is closing ranks against us". Throughout this year's Cannes Film Festival, Getty will have a team of 80 people, which includes photographers and videographers, social-media experts, picture editors, assignment editors, and technicians. "We will have the film in theaters in select locations, as well as a qualifying run in London".

"They are the ideal representation of American cultural imperialism", Christophe Tardieu, director of the National Cinema Center, a government entity distributes funding to French cinema told The New York Times.

Todd Haynes, director of acclaimed lesbian drama "Carol", has the first film in the main competition, "Wonderstruck", based on a half-text, half-graphic novel about the inter-connected stories of two troubled children, set decades apart.

When asked whether Cannes risked missing out on new ways of movie-making, Fremaux said he wanted to talk about the movies, not the "Affaire Netflix" which has grabbed the headlines. "Its stages keep changing and that's why Korean and American producers had to work closely", he said. "The only thing, as we are talking about movie theatres, is that at a certain moment in the day, several times a day, the lights go out and we watch a film - together - and that's cinema".

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