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BC political parties ponder common issues after close vote, possible deals

May 20 2018, 05:37 | Van Peters

"British Columbians did tell us tonight that they want us to do some things differently", Clark told hundreds of supporters who had gathered in downtown Vancouver to watch the election results come in. The Green Party grabbed a record three districts in what its leader described as North America's first elected green caucus. The Greens' votes will be needed to give either the New Democrats or Liberals a 44-seat majority.

But she said there are limits to Mr. Weaver's clout.

Despite now holding the balance of power, Weaver is holding his cards close to his chest.

When Adriane Carr co-founded the B.C. Green Party in 1983, the idea it could one day hold the balance of power in the provincial legislature was a far-off fantasy.

And when it comes to barking at energy pipelines, this dog might be a little rabid.

Both Horgan and Clark said Wednesday they are planning to sit down with Weaver to talk about working together. The analysis does not take into account the riding boundary changes in Courteany-Comox, which shaved off an area traditionally friendly to the NDP, nor do they account for the Liberal Candidate Jim Benniger - the former base commander at CFB Comox. As Reid Fiest reports, a possible BC NDP and Green Party coalition could create obstacles for the already approved $7.4 Billion pipeline.

A minority government occurs when no single party in an election wins a majority of the seats. Judith Guichon has asked Clark to continue governing after the election.

She'll need the support of the Green Party on an nearly daily basis. Added Wever, later: "Let us move on to the new economy".

Weaver could offer his support on a day-to-day basis or hold out for a cabinet post (but it's doubtful he'd want to tie himself so closely to a politician as vulnerable as Clark).

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Weaver reminded voters that his party was the only one to ban corporate and union donations and his promises included electoral reform, increasing the carbon tax and investing millions in clean technology jobs.

That would still be bad news for United States coal exporters, but could mean a modest boost for the prospects of LNG projects and the Trans Mountain Pipeline.

"Constitutionally, the federal government might have the upper hand. but the BC government could force significant delays", he said. These negotiations often lead to larger parties having to adopt the policy preferences of smaller parties to garner their support, resulting in important policy consequences, including higher levels of government spending and larger deficits in countries that use proportional representation.

But one of the NDP's ridings, Courtenay-Comox, was won on Tuesday by a razor-thin nine-vote margin; if a compulsory recount and the inclusion of absentee ballots flips the result to the second-placed BC Liberals there, and other results are unchanged, Clark will have secured a standalone majority by the narrowest of margins.

They also criticized the Liberals for cutting employer premiums and worker benefits and for not raising the province's share of funding for infrastructure projects. If they vote in an opposition member as Speaker, they lose control of the legislative assembly.

"And what I found was about 60 per cent of the time, things just stay kind of like what they are, 43 seats for the Liberals, 41 for the NDP", says Milligan. But then Clark would be open to blackmail whenever a disgruntled backbench MLA threatened to jump ship. "Even now that the economy has improved and the books are balanced, there was a narrative that the Liberals had been in power for too long and had grown too comfortable".

If the former happens, the chances of a minority government lasting are slim, with majority failing within 18 months, he noted. One points towards a new election.

The B.C. NDP, for its part, has promised to do the same if elected.

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