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Basebrawl! Harper, Strickland punch away, Nats-Giants fight

August 23 2017, 10:55 | Irvin Gilbert

Matt Hazlett Getty Images Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper isn't a fan of participation trophies

Matt Hazlett  Getty Images
Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper isn't a fan of participation trophies

He has been around professional baseball for five decades and is aware some grudges last almost that long.

The San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals provided that for us all Monday in a big way, thanks in large part to San Francisco reliever Hunter Strickland and Washington outfielder Bryce Harper. "That's throwing at a spot where you can't get out of the way", Baker said. Strickland was facing Harper for the first time since the 2014 NL Division Series, when Harper hit two long home runs against him, and the on-field fireworks this time came in a new batch of colors.

Because Strickland hit Harper, everyone is thinking about it - including Nationals starter Tanner Roark, who did not take kindly to the whole thing. Harper was not amused, he stepped out from the batters box and pointed his bat at Strickland before charging the mound.

Both players exchanged blows near the mound for a few seconds before Strickland was knocked to the ground by an onrushing wave of players and coaches from both sides, amid much pushing and shoving.

"It's go time", Strickland said, characterizing his thoughts once seeing Harper run at him.

"When somebody comes at you like that and throws a 98 miles per hour fastball where he did, I wasn't very happy with it and took it into my hands", he said. "I don't know why he's still thinking about it". George Kontos came in to relieve Strickland and the runner representing Harper ultimately came around to score and extend Washington's lead to 3-0. "It was three years ago, over a thousand days".

And as the Orioles and Red Sox demonstrated with their series of beanballs last month, there are no hard and set guidelines in a situation like this. He then dropped an obvious expletive at the home plate umpire who ejected him. Look at that pitch: "that ball was behind him, and that's where you're taught to throw it. Hunter Strickland, feeling a little bit of I guess pain from the two home runs he gave up in 2014". It's also going to result in Harper and Strickland going on a hiatus with a looming suspension. But principle should matter more to Manfred - win or lose. "I'm really looking forward to it". "If anybody should get suspended, I think it should be their pitcher. not [Harper]". My hope is that they appreciate that a pitcher holding a almost three-year grudge over a baseball player hitting a home run is more immature and damaging to the game than a batter losing his cool for a moment when the pitcher tries to hurt him.

We know that Eben Etzebeth loves a good shoving match, and our local fathers have a habit of squaring off after the final whistle (HERE), but over in America's Major League Baseball they still throw down the good 'ol fashioned way.

A unusual thing happened when Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper charged the mound.

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