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White House discloses senior officials' finances

January 19 2018, 05:41 | Irvin Gilbert

(NEW YORK, N.Y.) - In a remarkable Friday night news dump, the Trump administration made dozens of White House staffers' financial disclosure forms available.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus had assets of between US$604,000 and US$1.16m and income of US$1.42m.

Then there's Gary Cohn.

Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump, the president's daughter and adviser, may be worth up to $741 million, primarily through Kushner Companies real estate developments and investments. They resigned from all of their business entities and sold off 58 assets. Instead, they divested from some assets but will continue to benefit from real estate investments.

The president and vice president, as elected officials, do have to file financial disclosures, but at a later time.

Ivanka Trump and Kushner's continued vast business holdings led one ethics expert to say the couple should recuse themselves from involvement in any government matters that could affect their business interests. Pages and pages are devoted to the family's massive real estate investments. It was one of his most valuable holdings and delivered millions of dollars in income. For example, Kushner sold his stake in a Manhattan skyscraper to a trust his mother oversees. The former Goldman Sachs executive has assets worth at least $250 million and as much as $611 million. That includes Goldman Sachs income, as well as a number of publicly traded stocks. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index has previously listed his net worth at about $600 million.

It's worth pointing out that none of these people are making millions now.

His investments range from venture capital fund Andreessen Horowitz to self-storage units in Ohio.

Bannon, who has advocated a brand of protectionism and populism the Trump administration adopted, disclosed at least $1.3 million in income previous year, largely from a consulting firm and entities backed by the billionaire Mercer family. About $190,000 came from consulting fees for Breitbart, roughly $125,000 was from a data firm that worked for the Trump campaign and about $60,000 came from a conservative nonprofit organization. He earned $191,000 while serving as executive chairman at Breitbart.

But CNN is reporting that she has instead made a decision to become a government employee, making her subject to laws governing all federal workers.

Tension permeates the relationships between Kushner and senior officials in the White House.

Kushner's stakes in such holdings were among the smallest he reported. The committee also covered his rent in Washington, which cost the committee another $57,274.

Kellyanne Conway, a Republican strategist, made over $800,000 past year from the polling and consulting firm she ran before joining Trump's campaign, her filing shows.

Presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway had assets worth up to $39 million, the Post said.

His position isn't subject to confirmation by the Senate, which means that the disclosures, which he signed January 3, didn't need to be released by the U.S. Office of Government Ethics.

As for Ivanka Trump, she is apparently keeping her stake in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, meaning she is giving free publicity to the company she owns whenever she goes to eat at the restaurant there.

"Having access to the president's family and somebody they see as a princeling is better still". She also had between $13m (AUD) and $51m (AUD) in assets, and was thought to be worth $52m before she joined Trump as campaign manager.

Ivanka was reportedly working out of an office in the White House's West Wing and was earlier this week given an official position as an advisor to her father. And they could be worth up to $740 million.

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