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January 22 2018, 08:26 | Guillermo Bowen

Season 8 of "The Walking Dead" has a long, uphill battle ahead of it. And damn, do we hate being right. Martin-Green believes her character's end in the show was handsome because even in death she had her warrior spirit intact.

As is often the case with a season finale, it had a lot to try and pack in - and was an extended episode as a result.

TVLINE | It was also a nice window that we didn't always get into Sasha and Abraham's relationship.Yeah, I loved being able to be a fly on the wall and see what these two people meant to each other, how they helped each other rise up... After 15 episodes of building up to Rick and the other communities finally stepping up to Negan, the time finally came when it was time to fight. For the first time, Rick scored a veritable win against Negan and company. She lunges for Negan's throat, giving Rick & Co. the diversion they need to start firing off rounds at the Saviors.

Signal the explosion, or lack there of, when Rosita's bomb fails, which we know is the first sign of chaos. It can be recalled that she has been so desperate to kill Negan and sometimes this interferes with her decision and judgment as per Daily Mail. Let us know your take in the comments section below!

The Walking Dead season 7 finale was not quite as heart-burstingly brutal as its premiere, though some would argue it was just as dramatic.

If it's true that life flashes before one's eyes in the face of death, then this is Sasha's moment of reflection. But there was one thing she didn't do despite knowing Sasha's fate.

After these fake-outs we got more. It was a bold accusation to make for someone who was about to die, but it showed just how much Rick had matured. "I was just following his lead".

However, it didn't all go according to plan because instead of being given a tool to fight with - which she would have then used to attack Negan - she took a poison pill that Eugene had given her previously.

Looking back on The Walking Dead Season 7, it's been a long and violent road. As Negan leveled his trusty bat Lucille toward Carl, however, Shiva the tiger leaped into action, dispatching one of Negan's men. The show, which doesn't come back until October, saw declining viewership and mediocre reviews this past season.

Sasha's demise on Walking Dead was largely anticipated, set up by events on the show (which mirrored an arc that happened to a different character in the comics) as well as the fact that Martin-Green nabbed the female lead in CBS All Access' Star Trek: Discovery.

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