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Trump to Hold White House Passover Seder

January 19 2018, 05:37 | Irvin Gilbert

Trump to Hold White House Passover Seder

Priests recite biblical priestly blessing following the demonstration Passover sacrifice Jerusalem

Beth El Synagogue and Shirat Hayam, a combination of the conservative Beth Judad and reform Emeth Shalom, will celebrate the first night of Passover with a Community Seder with Cantor Ralph Goren with a service at 6:30 tonight at Shirat Hayam, 700 North. Swarthmore Ave., Ventnor.

When Leah Kinarthy visited a downtown hotel to publicize her Jewish congregation's upcoming Passover feast, she was shocked to hear a staff member say he'd never heard of the eight-day spring celebration. It sought to institute that at every Seder table there should be an empty chair to bring awareness that - if not for the Holocaust and the loss of six million - there would have been another person filling that seat.

"They actually like doing it at home", he said.

Heading to a Passover Seder Monday night? "I'll be in Maryland with my in laws for both nights", Lesser said.

"That's past 1,000 just for the Seders alone", Goldman said.

"We return to the simple gratitude to God for our liberation and our gratitude for miracles done to us and for the miracles that we hope will still come", Rabbi Oresky said.

"I usually do it at home, This was an opportunity to have a Seder with family, friends, and our rabbi", Lebenson said.

The tradition of celebrating Seder in the White House was started by Trump's predecessor Barack Obama in 2009, and Obama attended every one while in office. More than 1,000 guests will use plates identical to the one pictured over the course of Monday and Tuesday.

She said a new wave of misinformation about Jews that appears to have sparked a surge in anti-Semitism increased her determination to dispel misunderstandings and involve other faiths.

"In a time when others try to sow division and hate based on religion, race, politics, documentation status, gender and sexual orientation, it is an act of freedom and justice to build community and to ally ourselves with those who are being persecuted", Castleman said. Lawmakers who are not Jewish attended alongside their Jewish colleagues.

Passover and Easter are linked in the minds of many Christians because the Last Supper is traditionally considered to have been a Passover meal, although scholars debate that.

"We're not ideal; that's why we're working on it", he said.

Fernandez said she saw the unprecedented amount of reservations, and chose to help by unpacking food and decorating.

What makes the wicked son wicked is his decision to exclude himself from the community ("What does this ritual stuff mean to you, not me?!)".

As of Monday, they are roughly two-thirds of the way toward their goal of raising $76,000.

While the story of Passover continues to resonate for the Jewish community, so do its traditions.

At a Passover Seder, children learn through "the oral transmission of teaching, parent to child, and the continuous linking chain of our unbreakable legacy", Liberow said.

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