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Trump directly attacks Freedom Caucus members on Twitter over healthcare battle

January 19 2018, 05:36 | Irvin Gilbert

Ryan also said that he anxious that the defiant Republicans would push Trump "into working with Democrats" on health care, a result that he believed would not lead to a bill adherent to conservative principles.

Trump's tweet warned Republicans that the group of about 30 congressman congressmen will hurt the party's agenda if they don't get in line, and urged a fight against them, along with Democrats, in the midterms. But Trump's vow was met with defiance by many in the group, including some who accused him of succumbing to the establishment in Washington that he had campaigned against.

Bozell said Republicans "could well lose the House and Senate in 2018" if they don't rethink what they're doing.

In two separate tweets, Trump attacked Rep. Mark Meadows, the Freedom Caucus chair, along with Rep. Jim Jordan, and Rep. Raul Labrador, two of the group's more influential members.

Ryan's comments echoed the warning sent by President Donald Trump on Twitter earlier in the day, putting more pressure on the key bloc of Republican House members known as the Freedom Caucus.

Trump, a master at the art of blame shifting, immediately blamed Democrats for the setback, even though their support had not been sought.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said Donald Trump called him after the president plugged Fox News' Jeanine Pirro show - in which she demanded Ryan's resignation.

Ryan told reporters Thursday that "this is too big of an issue to not get right, and so I'm not going to put some kind of artificial deadline on saving the American health care system from an oncoming collapse".

"The House needs to work with conservatives to craft a bill that truly repeals and replaces ObamaCare", Heritage Action CEO Mike Needham said in a press call Friday. "And that's not enough to pass a bill". Ryan said he was encouraging Republican lawmakers "to keep talking to one another".

"Now I don't know who's telling the White House to focus their anger on the Freedom Caucus, but I do think it's misplaced", Hannity said.

David Bozell, the president of For America, said the Republican leadership, in trying to ram through a flawed bill, is making the same mistake that Democrat Nancy Pelosi made when Obamacare was first passed, and that is "trying to slip a bill past the goalie".

Republicans complained about the problems with Obamacare for seven years.

"Our view is: There's nothing as clarifying as the smell of Air Force One jet fuel". Trump could seek out and support primary challengers to the freedom caucus members, or travel to their districts to rally their supporters.

A bad path would be like the Republican bill, he said. The federal government faces a shutdown on April 28 unless Congress enacts another stopgap spending bill or passes the remaining annual spending bills.

On Saturday, Trump posted a tweet saying, "Watch @JudgeJeanine on @FoxNews tonight at 9:00 PM".

Trump insisted in the tweetstorm that the AHCA was not only meant as a repeal bill, but also as a replacement for the ACA.

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