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The Mac's declining relevance to Apple, in one chart

January 22 2018, 08:29 | Alonzo Simpson

The Mac's declining relevance to Apple, in one chart

The Mac's declining relevance to Apple, in one chart

Unfortunately, the new Mac Pros and display won't ship in 2017, and no firm launch date has been announced. In the four years since the cylinder Mac Pro was revealed, many users were opting to switch to an iMac, which caused them to move the Mac Pro to the backburner.

I think Apple executives sat down one day in a meeting, reviewed the pleas from technical and creative professionals, sized up the explicit desire by HP and Microsoft to steal the pro market from Apple, and concluded that the company wasn't ready to abandon that market.

Apple hit a bunch of problems improving Mac Pro and is rethinking the whole machine, Schiller said.Apple has also changed its mind and will now build its own external Mac displays. It's been more than three years since Apple last paid any attention to its desktop tower, and users have been anxiously awaiting an upgrade. They also said that Apple's new Mac Pro won't reach store shelves this year, suggesting it could be unveiled in 2018. We don't need to know all the details as we understand that something has to be kept back for competitive reasons, but we would like to know in advance whether we should invest in new kit or not.

The system most likely won't be getting a touchscreen, however, in spite of competition from the like of the Surface Studio and other Windows all-in-ones, as Apple insists on keeping its iOS and MacOS lines separate.

But no Mac Pro this year.

The bad news? You won't see a completely new model until next year. But a group of Apple's top brass, including the head of software Craig Federighi, told reporters (and programmer John Gruber) that a new version of the desktop is in the works.

"If we've had a pause in upgrades and updates, we're sorry for that - what happened with the Mac Pro - and we're going to come out with something great to replace it", he added.

The same model has been in the market for nearly four years now and while the company might have been making innovative changes with other products, Ma Pro remained wanting for attention.

I believe these new Macs will be made available starting today. Company executives sat down with some tech journalists to outline their plans for the Mac desktop line.

The good news is that Apple are working on a new Mac Pro that will be expandable and modular, with particular reference to the GPU.

It released a new line-up of MacBook Pro-branded laptops in October, but was attacked for not including more powerful graphics cards in them and for removing several of the ports found in earlier models.

The situation was bad enough that AAPL staged this event to assure everyone that it hasn't abandoned the Mac or its professional users.

I recall staring at the then-new Mac Pro at WWDC, which was displayed in a clear tube, not unlike the original iPhone.

Apple did not respond to a request to confirm that this meeting actually took place.

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