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The ACC to start holding events in North Carolina again

January 19 2018, 05:34 | Irvin Gilbert

North Carolina governor Roy Cooper signed the measure - one that rolled back the state's contentious "bathroom bill" - into law, according to reports. "Fundamentally, any moratorium on civil rights is not a compromise, it is a contradiction with the principle of equal protection under the law and our moral values".

Former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory, who signed the state's anti-trans bathroom bill, has celebrated a "deal" to repeal the law as a loss for the LGBT+ community. The NCAA has already moved major events in baseball, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and other sports from the state.

"The ACC Council of Presidents has voted that North Carolina will again be considered for hosting future ACC Championships", the conference's statement said. And the National Basketball Association relocated its All-Star game from Charlotte. It passed the House by a 70-48 vote, despite a push by some conservative Republicans delay the vote to next week. Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore, both Republicans, on Wednesday. However, he said, "compromise sometimes is hard, and this bill represents that". But the repeal legislation, House Bill 142, leaves many LGBTQ advocates feeling as though little if any progress was made in restoring the rights of transgender people in the Tar Heel State.

But a spokeswoman for the Human Rights Campaign said the organization has begun lobbying dozens of corporate allies, telling them the new law is no better than the old.

One legislator called this compromise a punt. "It stops short of many things we need to do as a state".

But the boycotters shouldn't be fooled, and it's unlikely the courts will be - HB2's replacement is still harmful and unconstitutional.

"We can definitely see that North Carolina has been getting negative headlines for more than a year over HB2", said Kendrick.

Republican Rep. Bert Jones sarcastically suggested that the banners outside the building be replaced with an NCAA flag and the white flag of surrender.

"It troubles me today that we are doing this in this manner", Jones said. They want full repeal of HB2 and no less, Steinburg said, describing HB142 as merely a "skirmish" in an ongoing "cultural war".

"At worst it is a betrayal of principle", he said on the Senate floor. It was uncertain in the early hours after passage whether the compromise would meet NCAA muster, or whether businesses and artists will end their respective boycotts.

FILE - Hedy Weinberg, right, executive director of the ACLU of Tennessee, speaks at the Legislative Plaza regarding a Tennessee transgender bathroom bill, April 13, 2016, in Nashville, Tenn. But it says local governments can not pass new nondiscrimination protections for workplaces, hotels and restaurants until December 2020. Arguing North Carolina lawmakers "panicked" over the deadline, Patrick rejected the notion of allowing the NCAA "dictate the states on policies".

"I will say that the governor, who I greatly admire, worked very hard to put this bill together in an effort to fix our reputation", she said.

Gay-rights activists blasted the proposal, saying it was not a true repeal.

Governor Roy Cooper has said he supports the measure.

The new law would prevent local governments from passing new nondiscrimination protections for workplaces, hotels and restaurants until December 2020.

The law enacted a year ago, HB2, had threatened to keep NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference tournaments out of North Carolina for years to come.

"The board had four problems with that bill, they've removed some of those but not all of them", Emmert said.

The NCAA should not be fooled. "She should not lose her privacy and dignity to a boy in a locker room". But it wasn't clear if that would satisfy the NCAA, which made no immediate decision on North Carolina's fate. "Some of them will be announced very soon, and they'll tell you they wouldn't have done it without this legislation", Cooper said. Some estimates show North Carolina has lost hundreds of millions of dollars since the bill was created.

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