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Russian Federation knew in advance of Syrian chemical attack, U.S. official says

January 19 2018, 05:39 | Irvin Gilbert

Until Trump ordered USA missile strikes in response to the April 4 nerve gas attack, the president had focused on defeating the Islamic State group and had shown no appetite for challenging Assad - and, by extension, his Russian supporter President Vladimir Putin.

While US President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping were midway through their meal of pan-seared Dover sole with champagne sauce on Thursday evening, a US naval destroyer was launching the first of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles, lighting up the sky in eastern Syria.

Kalin also said the main understanding in Syria is that after a political solution is reached, Bashar al-Assad will not stay in power.

The White House has said it would "definitely consider" further military action in Syria, following last week's missile launches against a Syrian airbase in response to a suspected chemical attack that left more than 80 civilians dead.

Russian officials have warned that the strikes dealt a "significant blow" to relations between Washington and Moscow, calling it a "flagrant violation of worldwide law and an act of aggression" whose "consequences for regional and global security could be extremely serious".

Speaking to The Sun about the United States action, Mr Johnson said: "Crucially - they could do so again".

President Donald Trump's national security adviser is calling on Russian Federation to re-evaluate its support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, leaving open the possibility of additional US military action against Syria.

The news agency reported that during the Friday phone call, the Saudi monarch congratulated Trump for his "courageous decision".

Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano, who hosted the G-7 gathering, said "there is no consensus for further new sanctions".

The G7 consists of the United States, Japan, Germany, the U.K., Italy, France, and Canada. He also said the top US priority in the region hadn't changed and remained the defeat of Islamic State militants. Until Monday, U.S. officials had said they weren't sure whether Russian Federation or Syria operated the drone.

The secretary of state must be "the spokesman for American foreign policy", said Eliot Cohen, a senior State Department official during George W. Bush's presidency. Advisers said he was outraged by heartbreaking images of young children who were among the dozens killed in the chemical attack. After months of allegations of ties between his election campaign and the Kremlin - the subject of current congressional and FBI investigations - Trump has found himself clashing with Putin.

"This man who is now in office in America claimed that he wanted to fight terrorism but today all terrorists in Syria are celebrating the USA attack", Rouhani said in a speech aired by state television. Secondly, we don't see a peaceful Syria with Assad in there. The drone returned late in the day as citizens were going to a nearby hospital for treatment.

"It was a matter of dusting those off and adapting them for the current target set and timing", said another official.

Q: Is the red line for this White House chemical warfare?

Prior to the attack in Khan Sheikhun, Tillerson said Assad's fate should be decided by the Syrian people, suggesting Washington would not oppose him standing for reelection. The rush also means sound quality is poor though the importance of his words are clear.

The foreign secretary is working with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to mount pressure on Russian Federation to sever its support for Assad.

China is North Korea's economic lifeline and as such enjoys more leverage over its maverick neighbour than any other country.

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