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Republicans Renew ACA Repeal Efforts

January 22 2018, 08:33 | Guillermo Bowen

Most of the other things the GOP hopes to accomplish ride on passing a health care bill first, and that desperation is impelling Republican leaders to make bad political and policy choices. The second, known as community rating, prevents insurers from charging higher premiums to people with pre-existing conditions. They might not deny them coverage outright-something that used to happen before the Affordable Care Act-but they could put an astronomical price tag on it.

The law's requirement that all Americans buy insurance or pay a fine is opposed by 54 percent of young people and favored by just 28 percent.

Those who say we must accept a government takeover of America's health care system in order to cover the most vulnerable are creating a false choice.

Anthony Miller from Kuna was notified a few months ago that his health care coverage was going to increase $12,000, forcing him to drop his insurance to the bare minimum. More than 120,000 Wisconsinites now rely on this assistance to keep their deductibles low and help them afford critical health services.

Get rid of the mandate and the costs aren't so affordable. Indeed, what is increasingly evident is that cost of health care itself has become unaffordable for the USA economy. He said he doesn't even know what to tell his constituents or the insurance commissioner, companies and exchange administrators that operate in his state, because there has been no opportunity to discuss the merits of the bill with experts.

The proposed bill would have discontinued the individual coverage requirement, which would also provide the demise of the ACA's famous penalty for those who can afford coverage but do not have it. Two-thirds of young people agree with a smaller majority of Americans overall that the government should make sure people have health care coverage.

"As we have said, we stand ready to work on improvements to the law that would reduce costs for individuals and improve the stability of the market".

One way to do that is by increasing the income level at which people would qualify for subsidies.

Conservatives like the idea because it would bring down premiums for many healthier people, who would be able to purchase less comprehensive insurance at a lower rate.

Molina is particularly anxious about the potentially higher premiums and misleading packages insurance companies can price and sell. The only way to pay for it is a rule that requires everybody to have insurance; otherwise, economic self-interest ensures that most people have no reason to pay for insurance until they become sick, meaning that they pay no premiums until they have expenses that will far exceed them.

Currently, under the ACA, you're protected in two ways from discrimination based on a pre-existing condition.

That lack of options is something that ACA advocate DJ Quinlan experienced firsthand. Of the recent defeat, Trump said: "I don't like to lose".

In a given year, most people will get all the care they need by spending only moderately on healthcare. When combined with the elimination of essential health benefits, Republicans' repeal of the community rating provision could leave people with pre-existing conditions facing a situation in which they'll be charged substantially more for health coverage that doesn't actually cover anything.

But Quinlan is not confident that Republicans and Democrats are willing to work together to find the solutions.

It was rushed, it failed to attract wide-enough political support and it was seen by most Americans as a step backward.

The path forward now is unclear, and it could easily veer off toward disaster if Republicans try to choke off Obamacare from the inside through paralyzing administrative measures.

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