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Organization Provides Easter Egg Hunt for Children with Disabilities

January 22 2018, 08:28 | Irvin Gilbert

Organization Provides Easter Egg Hunt for Children with Disabilities

Organization Provides Easter Egg Hunt for Children with Disabilities

Sebastopol Kiwanis 37th Annual Easter Egg Hunt: Children of all ages are invited to search for treats and colored eggs at Ives Park in Sebastopol.

Over ten thousand eggs were scooped by kids at the third annual Operation Addy Easter egg hunt.

Easter egg hunt, 11:30 a.m., Windsor Baptist Church, 6701 Hwy.

Attendees are asked to bring their own eating utensils and beverages as well as a dish to share.

Volunteers have filled over 15,000 eggs for the hunt. Parking is limited, so carpool, walk, bike, or golf cart it to the Planet if possible.

The event will also have several guests, including Sparky the Firefighter Dog, the Chick-Fil-A cow, Aubie and the Easter Bunny.

"It was like a big old tornado trying to get me", said Dayanara Bayel, 9.

About 15,000 eggs were shipped in especially for the hunt, the greatest number in the history of the event, and scattered throughout the building to teach children about democracy, the parliamentary system and Canberra's history. Participants can also take photos with the Easter Bunny and go on a 20-minute train ride with the special guest. Kids were not only on the hunt for regular Easter eggs, but golden eggs that led to premium prizes.

"This is actually the second year we have added a second hunt to accommodate the crowds", said Reiner.

Hundreds of children up to age 7 took part in the event, which is organized by the Waynesboro Parks & Recreation Department.

More than 600 children showed up to the event, celebrating the spirit of Easter in a community favorite venue. This was her first time enjoying the Easter egg hunt. Typically their Easter falls later than the mainstream Easter due to a different calendar, but for this year the dates line up.

According to the City of Auburn, the egg hunt has grown each year since its conception, and this year is expected to continue that trend.

"I got so many eggs", said Amelia, age 5. The other eggs will also contain other prizes like school supplies and sweets.

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