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No facts suggest Russia meddling in US election: Lavrov

May 20 2018, 05:39 | Alonzo Simpson

No facts suggest Russia meddling in US election: Lavrov

No facts suggest Russia meddling in US election: Lavrov

Syrian president Bashar Assad insisted that his military was not responsible for the incident and claimed the attack was a "fabrication" to justify the USA missile strike.

"We are very concerned about Russian interference in the October elections in Montenegro", the official said, "including credible reports of Russian support for an attempted election-day attack on the government".

"Our impression is that the West, mainly the United States, is hand-in-glove with the terrorists", Assad said in an interview with Agence France-Presse.

Peskov also said Putin had given Tillerson his views on the situation in Syria, and how it was likely to develop.

Perhaps eager to take a shot at the previous US administration, with whom Putin's government clashed badly, Lavrov said the new group would address "irritants which have dogged our relations over the last couple of years, particularly under the administration of President Obama".

A misdirected airstrike has killed 18 allied fighters battling the Islamic State group in northern Syria, the USA military says.

The news conference came after Russian President Vladimir Putin met the top American diplomat for nearly two hours to see if they could rescue relations between the world's mightiest military powers. "Russian Federation is open to dialogues with the U.S.in different areas, and not only to dialogues but also to joint actions", he said.

Russian Federation vetoes a United Nations resolution condemning the reported use of chemical weapons in Syria and urging a speedy investigation.

WTI, Brent crude oil futures settle lower
Oil jumped as the US cruise missile attack against Syria roiled global financial markets. Neighboring Iraq pumped 4.43 MMbpd last month, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

He added he would only allow an investigation into the attack "when we make sure that unbiased countries will participate in this delegation in order to make sure that they won't use it for politicised purposes".

He said Russian Federation was "collaborating with Assad who is the biggest terrorist of all".

Peskov said in a conference call with reporters that Putin's meeting with Tillerson reflected the "understanding of the need to maintain a dialogue to search for solutions".

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov blasted US claims that it has "irrefutable evidence" of election interference. Tillerson said that the two countries agreed to set up a working group to stabilize their relationship and solve smaller issues. Still, the question of removing Assad from power remained a sticking point. But Tillerson repeated the administration's new belief that "the reign of the Assad family is coming to an end".

Can Russia abandon Assad?

"Those steps are under way", he said.

"We are mindful of seriousness of that particular interference in our elections and i'm sure Russian Federation is mindful of it as well".

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