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Larry Bird delivers Pacers' 2021 All-Star bid in an Indy car

October 19 2017, 11:48 | Van Peters

Although Johnson and the Lakers front-office may take a run at landing Paul George in a trade negotiation this offseason, their only center of attention right now is the impending 2017 NBA Draft Lottery. It appeared that Larry Bird was serious considering dealing George.

By draft night, the Pacers will have a better view of George's future with the franchise, and at that point there's always the Celtics who could be available for a deal. He shot 46.1 percent from the field overall and knocked down 39.3 percent from behind the three-point arc. The team could end up in the unenviable predicament of having to make a decision on George before knowing whether he made an All-NBA team and whether the additional money would be material.

Howard, who was a non-factor through the first three games, had a double-double by halftime and finished with 16 points and 15 rebounds. You just can't say, "Hey, I want you to come to the Lakers", even though I'm going to be wink-winking like [blinks repeatedly].

BIRD: And I know that there have been plenty of rumors about trades.

The Los Angeles Lakers could be one of those teams.

Silver hinted the Pacers' bid would be strengthened by agreeing to host the All-Star Game in a stadium larger than 18,165-seat Bankers Life Fieldhouse, their home arena.

Sam Amick of USA Today reported in February that George is "hell-bent" on joining the Lakers when he becomes a free agent. Some of the Pacers most played lineups were actually quite good, but it was the bench that struggled to contribute. However, his burning desire to play in Los Angeles could overrule staying in IN despite the significant pay increase.

Even though not trading George would be a risk for IN, he has proven himself to be a true star. "If we want to win, that's the team that we have to work towards stacking up against".

The column does give reason as to why the Lakers should avoid George as the centerpiece of the current rebuild and cites his treatment of teammates along with other variables, so perhaps it's with that context those teammates felt comfortable offering up this information. Instead, they should do everything in their power to put another star alongside him.

The NBA announced in November that for the first time in league history, it have an awards show in late June to recognize NBA players, teams, coaches and executives for their accomplishments and performances from the 2016-17 NBA season.

Paul George hopes to change that, apparently.

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